Jurassic Park ’93 – An Amazing Movie, Even Today!

Ah . . . Jurassic Park. Sometimes shortened to JP, it is my #1 favorite movie franchise of all time (How To Train Your Dragon is my #2 favorite franchise). What an amazing movie, even 29 years later! Its practical effects STILL hold up, to this day.

Sure, some of its Visual Effects can feel a little dated, but I would still consider the Jurassic Park ’93 film one of the top 10 movies of all time. What’s so great about it, you ask?

Jurassic park movie splash
Jurassic Park Movie Splash

What Makes JP Great!

So, you ask, what makes it a great movie franchise? Well . . . the fact that a great director, well, directed it, is one! Steven Spielberg makes such great movies, like Jurassic Park, Jaws, Indiana Jones, and others! Not to mention they paired Jurassic Park with an amazing composer, the legendary John Williams!

Just because the movie was made way back in 1993, does not mean it does not still hold up even today. The visual effects are dated, compared to how powerful and fancy Computer-Generated Imagery has come along. BUT, its practical effects still do hold up to this day. Take a look at some of these Behind-The-Scenes shots:

Some Shots © Stan Winston School

Jurassic Park Broke Records!

Next year, on June 11th (2023), Jurassic Park will officially be 30-years-old! Wow. That’s a long time for a movie to remain popular and still be a very popular watch every year. The movie even made around $914 million at the box office, in 1993! Converted for inflation, that’s about $1,883,099,335 (one billion, 883 million, 99 thousand ‘n 335 dollars)!

Jurassic Park also was a stand-out film because it was the first time that CGI, and human actors, shared the screen together. This allowed the audience to be drawn into an illusion that the dinosaurs’ world, was real.

In comparison, James Cameron’s Avatar made around $4,054,832,229 in today’s US Dollar value. That’s . . . a lot. It didn’t just break monetary records, though. It also was considered the best use of Practical (which it primarily used) effects. It also beat Speilberg’s own E.T.!

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It Must’ve Had Negatives, Right?

While I agree that the phrase “everything has pros and cons” is true, some things don’t have that many negatives that really are mentioned or well-known. For its time, it had some inaccuracies that were known in the Paleo community, even back in 1993. They called the Raptors, Velociraptors. That is inaccurate, they were technically the size of Utahraptors.

Sure, “Veloci”raptors does sound cooler, but this is a Velociraptor:

Dromaeosaur & human scale
© Wikimedia Commons

If you take a look at the chart above, what they technically had were Utahraptors, NOT velociraptors. Velociraptors were closer to the size of your knee, or thereabouts.

Concluding Thoughts

We would highly recommend keeping an eye out on our blog here for posts on various Jurassic Park-related dinosaurs, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Spinosaurus (JP3).

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