Path of Titans’ Anodontosaurus – A Good Tank Dinosaur?

Quick Bio

The Anodontosaurus in Path of Titans is an interesting dinosaur. It’s pretty tanky if you go into Fortify and equip your Voice ability. With those combined, you can take a decent number of hits from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Though, that is in a 1-on-1 fight. If you have multiple carnivores attacking you, you’d better have the support of other Herbivores to have a chance at survival! What do you and I love about the Anodontosaurus? Let’s find out! [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”anodontolove” question=”Please leave a feedback on this” opened=”0″][/wpdiscuz-feedback]

Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name: Anodontosaurus lambei
  • Group: Ankylosaurinae
  • Time Period: Late Cretaceous
  • Size/Weight: 5m/16ft; 2 tons
  • Diet: Herbivore
Anodontosaurus in-game path of titans
Two Anodontosaurus In-Game

Anodonto Playstyle

The Anodontosaurus is somewhat slow in-game in terms of moving from place-to-place, so it is best to have a pack to run around with for survivability. Anodonto is a pretty good tank, but even then, they still need others to run around with to be able to survive the wilds of Panjura or Gondwa. If you can get a pack of an Anodonto, some damage dealers like Eotrike, and others, you will have a higher chance at surviving in the wilds. Alternatively, you can join our chill Path of Titans server and have a more relaxing environment!

In-Game Stats & Abilities


  • Damage: 3/5
  • Defense: 5/5
  • Recovery: 5/5
  • Land Speed: 1/5
  • Water Speed: 1/5
  • Survivability: 5/5

Due to its low land & water speed, we highly recommend packing with a couple of others, at least. It is very tanky and does average damage, which means you’ll probably want a high-damage herbivore in your pack, as well.

While sleeping or resting, its health recovery is a decent pace, but make sure you’re away from those that you were attacked by so they can’t chase you off and finish you due to your slow walk speed.

The Anodonto is a good starter herbivore, in our opinion, so its a good option to check out while your learning the Herbivore playstyle.


Image 3 - anodontosaurus
Medium Damage
(IMO, not very good)
Image 14 - anodontosaurus
Tail Attack
Small DMG
Low Bone Break
Image 15 - anodontosaurus
Front Tail Swipe
Small DMG
Low Bone Break
Image 16 - anodontosaurus
Tail Slam
Slams ground with
High Damage
Image 17 - anodontosaurus
Bone Snap
Charge up, Bone Break based on how long held.
Image 5 - anodontosaurus
Moderate food drain.
Image 6 - anodontosaurus
Faster food drain.
Image 13 - anodontosaurus
Rallying Call
Increases Def. of all party members in 30m/1 min.
Image 8 - anodontosaurus
Nothing special.
Image 7 - anodontosaurus
Armored Plates
Increases Armor
Image 9 - anodontosaurus
Increases Venom/Bleed Resistance.
Image 10 - anodontosaurus
Hunker Down
Significant damage resist, at cost of not being able to move.
Image 11 - anodontosaurus
Less damage resist, but able to move around.
Image 12 - anodontosaurus
Increased Stam Regen,
Bone Break Healing

Recommended Builds

Here are a few recommended builds that could possibly help you survive. Try them all before deciding on which one you want to use! Align each row for each build.

Good All-Rounder

This build is a good all-rounder that helps with survivability and dealing decent damage. You still don’t want to 1v2+ other dinosaurs unless you’re well-practiced and others aren’t on an optimized build.

Image 21 - anodontosaurus
Armored Plates, Hunker Down, Burly
Image 20 - anodontosaurus
Tail Slam, Bone Snap, Rallying Cry

Resistance Build

If you frequently come across dinosaurs that deal Bleed or Venom, like Metriacanthosaurus, then you may want to take Resilient over Armored Plates.

Image 24 - anodontosaurus
Resilient, Hunker Down, Burly
Image 20 - anodontosaurus
Tail Slam, Bone Snap, Rallying Cry

Anodontosaurus In Real Life

The Anodonto was known for the entire span of the Late Cretaceous’ Horseshoe Canyon Formation in southern Alberta, Canada. In real life, they were about 5 meters (16ft) in length, and approximately 2 metric tons (2.2 short tons) in weight. It was quadrupedal, like other Ankylosaurs. Its generic name means “toothless lizard” in ancient Greek. There isn’t much information available online about these Ankylosaurids, but as we learn more, we’ll have a dedicated article about the real-life counterpart!

Anodonto Gameplay?

Come join Kenson’s streams to see Path of Titans’ (and ARK) gameplay on a regular basis, and we can switch to Anodonto if people request it!

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