ARKs Spinosaurus – Best Piscivore For Riverways?

Arks spinosaurus dossier
ARK’s Spinosaurus Dossier

While the Spinosaurus 1 isn’t the best damage dealer in the game, it does well enough. Due to this, the Spino 2 is better suited for riverways, lakes, and similar. ARKs Spinosaurus is not that great for traveling along the land. This is due to its slower speed while walking on land. For running bosses, you are better off using a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Along with a Yutyrannus or two for buffing, and a Daedon for healing.

It also has a required “trophy” to go into the boss arenas. This trophy happens to be its Sail. So if your favorite dinosaur happens to be ARK’s Spinosaurus, we have bad news for you. You will need a few of its sails to summon the Beta and Gamma tier bosses.

Where’s the Spino Found?

You can regularly find ARK’s Spinosaurus in riverways and swamps on various maps. Take a look at the gallery of images below for locations in popular maps.

(Credit: ARK official Wiki)

What’s ARKs Spino Good At?

The Spino is best used while it’s actively touching the water, in a river system, lake, or ocean. This is because it gets a “Hydrated” buff. This buff gives a Spino 15% extra damage, an extra 20% movement speed, 25% extra health regen, and a sharper turning radius. If a Spino is in the water, you need to be extra careful. It is best to kite it out of the water so it loses its buff.

You also get this buff while the Spino is tamed, as well as wild. In terms of overall DPS? It’s comparable to the T. Rex. ARKs Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex have some similarities. The Rex has more Health and Stamina, while ARKs Spino attacks faster and hits a little harder. While in its Bipedal stance (2 legs, instead of 4), it actually has a comparable/better-turning radius than a Rex. It also can navigate over obstacles like rocks & trees easier, it seems.

So . . . why not try out the Spinosaurus instead of a T. Rex next time you go out wandering the map? You may find it to be enjoyable, as long as you remember bipedal stance helps with its turning radius! The Spinosaurus may have less stamina than the Rex, but its stamina drains slower, too!

What’s ARKs Spino NOT Good At?

We would have to say that the spino is most effective while it’s near water, so while it’s far away from water, not near rivers or lakes, then it’s at its weakest. Wild Spinosaurus frequently get themselves killed due to their territorial nature in the wild. If it attacks an herbivore, most of the time all members of the herbivore’s species nearby will all go for it at the same time, on occasion swarming it. A group of Baryonyx in the water can fairly easily kill a Spino due to their much easier time turning to hit the Spino. The spino will try to spin in circles endlessly trying to get the Baryonyx, and will most often fail.

Unlike the Baryonyx, ARK’s Spino does lose oxygen underwater. Even though its oxygen stat is pretty high, you will want to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t go to zero.

Taming ARKs Spinosaurus

Kaprosuchus is good for taming a Spinosaurus, as long as it is decently leveled. They have an ability that can drain Spino’s stamina easier, which can be helpful. To tame a Spino, you may want to take some stone gateways to wrap around it once it is knocked out, so if it wakes up, it can’t run away and escape.

Once you knock out your Spinosaurus, you’ll want to feed it Exceptional Kibble. This is its preferred food, but it will prefer Raw Prime Fish Meat as its second source, and Raw Mutton as its third. Once it eats all the food it needs, it will be tamed, and yours to use as you wish!

Final Thoughts

The Spinosaurus is an undervalued dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved. We highly recommend giving one a try, you may actually enjoy using it! If you want to discuss more about this amazing dinosaur, both in-game or its real-life counterpart, you can chat with us on Guilded!

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