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Stream Schedule Changes – June 2024

Here’s an important update for my (Kenson’s) stream schedule! The last 3 or 4 months have been extremely slow, unfortunately, so we are going to stop having regularly scheduled streams, and only do them on weekends, when I feel like doing them that week.

Poll will be open until the end of the month! Submit your votes now!

If we can figure out a long-term series, then we can use that to expand the Mesozoic Haven community on Discord, and on-stream as well! I am looking forward to hearing your suggestions!

Since things have been extremely slow lately, I will be hopefully focusing on YouTube for the next few months, and hopefully growing the streams that way. If you have any video suggestions, I would highly appreciate them! Fill out the form below or via the Video Suggestions page! Hopefully, this schedule change will help grow the Haven!

Schedule Change: Video Form

Kenson M

Kenson M

Owner of Mesozoic Haven since 2015, when it was previously known as Jurassic Kingdoms. Is a family-friendly content livestreamer and lives in Texas.View Author posts

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