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Please take a bit, browse around and see what we have to offer! Once you are done, we highly recommend registering with Discord so your Discord avatar syncs with the site! Any of the social logins work, but we recommend signing up with Discord!

❕ Read First How To Join & Server Details

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3:19 AM
Fave Dino
Spino, Styraco, Cerato
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ARK, Monster Hunter, POT
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Jurassic Park, HTTYD
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Jurassic Park
Welcome, survivor!

As the newest survivor in our ARK server, you will need to get a hold of either @kensonplays or @Cupara and we can add you to the allowlist, which will update upon the next automatic server restart. In order for us to add you, you will need to find your Steam64ID. There are a couple of ways to get this. If you have not selected a custom URL for your Steam profile, the numbers at the end are your Steam64 ID, but if you have a custom profile URL, you can use this to help. Once you do, send us a conversation here on the Forums, or a Discord DM and tell us your ID, along with a screenshot of proof that you're subscribed (either the Pro Dino receipt, or similar that gives us proof that the $5 monthly charge has gone through.

Server Details​

Server Map​

Tunguska [IDs 834585900, 1851497666] (if they fix the overspawn & underspawn bugs) with Lost Island as a temporary backup until Fjordur releases in a couple of weeks.

Server Mods​

  1. ARK Additions: The Collection (ID: 1522327484)
  2. Paleo ARK (ID: 2804332920)
  3. Castles, Keeps & Forts Remastered (& scifi addon) (IDs: 1814953878, 2121156303)
  4. Stargate Evolution (ID: 2246809471)
  5. eco's mods
    1. Empires Vikings (ID: 2147192126)
    2. RP Decor (ID: 741203089)
    3. Primordial Saddles (ID: 1741916864)
  6. Frocmacs Kibble Station (ID: 1764189171)
  7. Awesome Spyglass (ID: 1404697612)
  8. MX-E Shopsystem (ID: 2198615778)
  9. Ultra Stacks (ID: 761535755)
  10. Dino Storage v2 (ID: 1609138312)
  11. Death Recovery Mod 1.13 (ID: 751991809)
  12. Dino Colourizer (ID: 902616446)

Reset Schedule​

There is currently no reset schedule. We may consider every 3 or 6 months at some point down the road, with a map change or something to keep things fresh.
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