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This page provides some useful commands for both Players & Server Admins (WIP)!

ARK Survival Evolved Commands List

Here is a long list of some useful commands both for Servers and for Singleplayer! We hope this post helps you to manage your ARK Survival Evolved server or singleplayer worlds more effectively! We will be listing both Public and Admin commands.

All commands need to open the console, which is accessed by pressing TAB by default on PC. On XBOX, by going to Pause, then pressing LB, RB, X & Y all at the same time. And on Playstation, by going to pause and pressing LT, RT, Square & Triangle at the same time.

Let us know if any of these commands are confirmed to not be working with Console. Some commands are unknown if they work on Console.

Player Commands

  • gamma – Changes your gamma to default (with no arguments).
  • gamma X – Changes your gamma with X being the number you want, up to 4.
  • previewmode – Changes graphics when ran.
  • printcolors – Prints color IDs when ran.
  • r.shadowquality [quality] [?] – Quality affects shadow settings, 0 = off - 5 = epic. ? seems to not do anything, so can ignore.
  • requestspectator [password] – Requests spectator mode, must use correct spectator password.
  • stopspectating – Removes spectator mode from you.
  • getchat - Returns latest chat buffer (amount the client sees)
  • getgamelog - Prints 100 entries at a time and also outputs dated file to "\Logs". Servers must launch with the "-servergamelog" parameter for this to work.
  • showmessageoftheday - Shows the Message Of The Day.
  • cleartutorials - Resets all tutorials so they will reappear for you.
  • hidetutorial - Hides the tutorial specified by its number in index.
  • showtutorial - Shows the tutorial specified by its number in index.
  • suicide - Kills yourself. Especially helpful if you get stuck or glitched. This will not work if you have Godmode enabled.

Administrator Commands

This section is a WIP, and will be updated with one section at a time! Keep checking back every so often to see what's added.

Common CMDs

  • broadcast - Broadcasts a message to all players on server.
  • enablecheats - Does what it says on the tin.
  • saveworld - Forces a map save.
  • settimeofday [Hr]:[Min][:Secs] - Sets time of day. Example: settimeofday 08:30[:10]
  • kickplayer - Kicks a player based on SteamID64.
  • banplayer [SteamID64] - Bans a misbehaving player using their SteamID64.
  • unbanplayer [SteamID64] - Unbans a player using SteamID64.
  • destroyall [type] [exact 1/0] - Destroys all entities (like creatures or structures) of specified type.
  • destroyallenemies - Destroys all non-player creatures. No arguments.
  • destroymytarget - USE WITH CAUTION. NOT REVERSIBLE. Destroys what your crosshair is looking at.
  • destroyfoliage [radius] - Destroys all foliage and resource nodes in a radius.
  • destroystructures - USE WITH CAUTION. NOT REVERSIBLE. Destroys ALL structures owned by ALL players. Useful for doing soft map reset!
  • destroytribedinos - USE WITH CAUTION. NOT REVERSIBLE. Destroys all dinos owned by tribe you are looking at. Useful for doing soft map reset!
  • destroywilddinos - Destroys all wild dinos. Does not effect tamed creatures.
  • addexperience - Adds experience to you, or yourself and ridden dino. (does not work with unrideable dinos unfortunately)
  • infiniteweight - Gives you infinite weight capacity.
  • fly - Activates fly mode.
  • ghost - Activates ghost mode. Useful for helping recover dinos glitched into the mesh.
  • walk - Undoes Fly or Ghost modes.
  • gmbuff - Gives you Godmode, Infinite Stats, and makes you invisible to dino AI. Also gives XP.
  • envqa - Gives you gmbuff effects, armorset tek 0, Stat FPS, and Stat Unit commands all-in-one.
  • god - Invunerability. Can't be hurt.
  • gmsummon - Spawns specified creature and tames it (but still requires saddle).
  • summontamed - Spawns specified creature and force-tames it (no saddle required).
  • ce [type] - Starts/Stops weather specified. Example: ce start_superheat
  • gfi [Path] [Quantity] [Quality] [ForceBP 1/0] - Adds specified item/BP to players inventory. Example: gfi bugr 10 0 0
  • playersonly - Freezes dinosaurs in place (they walk in place with this command). Type the command again to reverse.
  • slomo - Slows down or speeds up AI. Example: slomo 0.5 (slows things down by 50%) Use "1" to reset to default.
  • hatchegg - Sets an egg to 0%. Still needs proper temperature to hatch.
  • kill - No arguments. Kills what your crosshair is pointing over.
  • killaoe - Kills in a radius. killaoe Wild 2500.
  • killplayer - Kills someone based on their SteamID64.
  • renameplayer ["PlayerName"] [NewName] - Renames a survivor. Current name must be enclosed in double quotes ("). New name doesn't use quotes.
  • renametribe ["TribeName"] [NewName] - Renames a tribe. Current name must be enclosed in double quotes ("). New name doesn't use quotes.
  • teleport - Moves player forward in facing direction.
  • teleportplayeridtome [SteamID64] - Teleports specified playerid to you.
  • teleportplayernametome [Name] - Teleports specified playername to you.
  • teleporttoplayer [SteamID64] - Teleports you to specified player.
  • teleporttoplayername [Name] - Teleports you to specified playername.
  • teleporttoactorlocation [Type] - Teleports you to specified target.
  • tp [Location] - Teleports you to specified defined location. Here are some examples from the ARK wiki.
  • tpcoords [Lat] [Long] [Altitude] - Teleports you to specified coords.
  • forcepoop - Forces target creature to poop.
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    May 28, 2022
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