Kenson's Streams (Likely) On Haitus!

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Hello everyone! I wanted to advise you on a likely change to my (Kenson)'s stream schedule. This does not mean it will happen, but there's a good chance of it! The summer heat is no fun here in Texas!

I am most likely going to put regular, scheduled streams on hold for the duration of the summer, and focus on family, finding a job, and YouTube. Yep, I'm hoping to return to YouTube, either if I can figure out something on my gaming channel, or if I decide to make a new Vlogging channel. I'm undecided on that yet.

I will still stream once in a while, but not regularly. For example, if SharePlay has new features to test, I'll do a couple of streams or so to test the new features and give the team input while I'm officially on hiatus for streams. You can find me active on our forums here, replying to new threads, and creating them sometimes, as well as on our Guilded (primary) and Discord (secondary) servers.

You can also check out my Fiverr page (link under Home submenu) if you want to support me during this difficult time. There are no non-fast food jobs in my immediate area, and want to avoid working Fast Food since those are usually extremely stressful. I am also active on ForumPromotion as part of their package team.

Please feel free to help out with my YouTube channel! Suggest a video, if you want too!
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