We've Reached 1,000 Posts! Our First Milestone!

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Congrats to everyone in the Mesozoic Haven community! We've officially reached 1,000 posts on the Mesozoic Haven forums! If you want to help contribute to our next goals, these are our current goals:
  1. 1,000 Threads
  2. 2,500 Posts
  3. 100 Members ("Dinos")
  4. 50,000 views on homepage (40k)

The Mesozoic Haven staff wants to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your support of our community! We want to achieve 2,500 posts, and 1,000 Threads as our next community goals! I may have a giveaway planned once we hit 1,000 Threads for some free game keys! Which game? I'm keeping that a surprise right now!

I Love You Hug GIF by Lisa Vertudaches
Again, thank you everyone for your love and support of the Mesozoic Haven community! Keep up the love and support for a friendly, PG Dinosaur community, and we'll keep growing our community day by day!
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Hi! I'm KensonPlays, but you can call me Kenson. I am the owner of Mesozoic Haven, formerly known as Jurassic Kingdoms. I primarily write about important site-related topics & Dinosaurs, but I also have a personal blog, as well. We are a PG, family-safe community based around dinosaurs, but we also offer discussions on a wide variety of topics, as well!

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