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What is Toontown? ToonTown is a game designed for kids but has people of all ages playing it. It has also been around for a long time, being released all the way back on June 2nd, 2003 for full launch. This game is one of my favorite nostalgic games, and I semi-regularly stream it live, in addition to Monster Hunter & ARK Survival. Watch live...
Don't get me wrong, the entire Horizon (Zero/Forbidden) franchise is among my favorite games of all time, along with ARK Survival, and Monster Hunter (World/Rise). I love the fact that there are robotic dinosaurs in this amazing game series. But there are some things that when this game was released in 2017 were considered 'top of the line,'...
Are you someone who has a need for a pleasant, calming & relaxing game with dinosaurs? Your answer may be Paleo Pines! They are a small indie studio making a dinosaur ranching game, and with my early access, I was able to get my gameplay in a week before the demo went public, I must say, the game is worth it, even though it is only in the...
What Is ARK Survival Ascended About? ARK: Survival Ascended is a dinosaur survival simulator that pits you in large open worlds, surviving against the elements and many creatures roaming the world. You can learn more about ARK in our review post for more information and detail. There has been confirmation that ARK ("one") is getting an...
Wow ... 30 Years Already?! Wow ... it is hard to believe that it has been 30 years since Jurassic Park ROARED into theaters, changing cinema forever. This groundbreaking film, directed by Steven Spielberg, and based on Michael Crichton's bestselling book, introduced audiences of all ages to a world where Dinosaurs were brought back to life. It...
I finished rewatching Dolphin Tale recently, then I decided to look up to see how Winter the dolphin was doing. I was very saddened to hear that Winter passed away on November 11th, 2021. She was a big inspiration to me, and others that live with various types of disabilities (I have an âinvisibleâ disability that you will not detect unless I...
Quick Facts Name: Herrera's Lizard Period: Late Triassic Diet: Carnivore, small/med herbivores Size: 6m (20 ft) Weight: 350kg (770 lb) Quick Bio The Herrerasaurus was first discovered by a paleontologist & rancher in 1958, in South America. Its name means, simply, "Herrera's Lizard." There is not much detail available on it, but it was...
I finished watching Lyle Lyle Crocodile the other day, and I must say, although I normally do not enjoy musicals, this one was one of the few exceptions. It's a great movie about a cute-looking crocodile named Lyle. It is available to watch as part of your Netflix subscription, rent it on Amazon Prime Video (Affiliate link), on Vudu, or on...
Quick Game Facts PLATFORM: PC, Xbox, PS5 # OF PLAYERS: 1 - 3 GENRE: Action, Monster Hunting DEVELOPER: Omega Force PUBLISHER: EA REVIEWED ON: PC ESRB RATING: T MISC INFO: Not worth it in current state. Buy Here Overview of Wild Hearts EA's version of Monster Hunter is about to release (on the 17th of February 2023)! Does it match up to...
Movie Quick Facts WATCH/STREAM ON: Amazon Prime (Affiliate link! Free with ads), iTunes GENRE: Adventure, Family-Friendly TOM. CRITIC RATING: 99% TOM. REG RATING: 91% MISC INFO: Great movie to watch with your kids, and kids with their parents! Great movie to watch with friends, or alone as well! We recommend watching in this order: Movie 1...