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ARK: Survival Evolved Creature/Dinosaur Overview

This entry is part of a series of entries "ARK For Beginners"
Welcome to the world of ARK, fellow Survivor! This is the first post in a series that aims to help you to learn more about ARK: Survival Evolved. Whether you're a new player or someone who's taken a break for a while and is coming in essentially fresh, we hope to give you some helpful information to get you going!

Table of Contents​

Ark dinos

In Ark: Survival Evolved, there are a grand total of 186 Creatures. However, there are only a total of 32 "actual dinosaurs", as the rest do not qualify as a Dinosaur.

How many Creatures are Tamable in Ark?​

Out of those 186 Dinosaurs, only 140 are actually Tamable. These include bosses, their minions, and some smaller creatures (Ammonite, etc). There are also temporary tames, like the Titanosaur. Some of these are special versions of the species that act as bosses.

How many Creatures are Breedable?​

While there are only 140 Dinosaurs that are tamable in ARK: Survival Evolved, the number of breedable dinos drops further, to 122. Some creatures, like Flyers, were previously unbreedable. Wyverns, Griffins, and the like. They did change this and made a good number of the flyers breedable, like Wyverns. This means if you want to get a pair of each beast in a pen, you would need a minimum total of 244 Dinos to do so. Some creatures are not really worth breeding though, and we'll let you be the judge of which dinos you feel arent that useful to breed.

The three rarest dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved are the Giganotosaurus (Giga), the Quetzalcoatlus (Quetz), and the Titanosaurus (temporary tame). Both the Giga and Quetz are permanent tames, but require a lot of resources on vanilla to lower rates. At higher rates, they aren't too bad. The only way to keep a Titanosaurus forever would be to enable a server setting for "Raid feeding."

Ark giga min

To tame a Giganotosaurus, also known as Giga, it requires a lot of resources with vanilla rates & materials. Be sure to bring as many tranq darts as you can, even if it means keeping some in your dinos inventory. You will also need a ton of Narcotics, so be sure to load up on as many of those as you can as well. The Giga is a standard Knockout tame, but it goes through Torpor like crazy so make sure you are pumping a few Narcs every few seconds to keep it down and prevent it from waking up. Once its food is down enough (You can use to help calculate how much kibble you need), then put the kibble in its inventory so you don't waste any kibble in case it wakes up!

What Does It Do Best?​

Giganotosaurus is great for gathering meat for all of your dinos! It's rated 5 stars for meat gathering, which includes Prime Meat. It is not designed for gathering materials. It is also good for tanking damage, too! If it takes too much damage too fast, it will anger and turn on you temporarily until it calms down. On Extinction, it is a great choice for defending Orbital Supply Drops. Get yourself a squad of Gigas; say 1-2 for Blue (Easy) & Yellow (Medium), 3-4 for Red (Hard), and 8 (or more) for Purple (Legendary). Depending on the level multiplier, you may lose a Giga or two on Legendary (if it's boosted to 300+ wild).

Dossier Quetzal

Quetzals have an interesting method to tame them fairly easily. Since they're always flying and never land unless tamed, it's best to get a buddy that can carry you on something like a Pteranodon or Argentavis, then you hit the Quetz with darts from above it (that way you don't accidentally knock out the flyer you are getting a ride from!), until it knocks out. Then land as quickly as you can. It's recommended to surround it with metal wooden spikes or dino gates with any automatic opening settings turned off. That way, most creatures can't get to it. If you choose spikes, put them a short distance away, not right around the body. You want to prevent Rex from being able to reach in and bite it!

What Does It Do Best?​

Quetzals are great for being a taming buddy. Put a platform saddle on it, expand it out a bit, and put some ramps down the back or sides. That way you can dismount and walk partway down the ramp and shoot the dino you are trying to knock out. The Quetzalcoatlus is also great for a mobile, nomadic base lifestyle. Place a few outposts around your map, build a small structure on the Quetz and you can place some forges and a smithy. Then you can do metal smelting, and crafting on the go!

They're also great for carrying medium-large creatures, and if you set up 2 or 3 ramps towards the ground, you can carry larger dinosaurs like a Rex on its back to another location. If your server has the turrets enabled on platforms setting enabled, you can also use it to put cannons on and tame a Titanosaur. Speaking of . . .

Dossier Titanosaur

Titanosaurs are tamed by dealing damage to its head. Using cannons on a Quetz (if the server setting is enabled) is a great way to tame a Titanosaurus. Unfortunately, Titanosaurs are temporary tames unless the Raid Feed setting is enabled. If you want a giant, tanky dinosaur that Gigas don't even go after, then if the Raid Feed setting is enabled, keeping it fed will let it last forever (don't let it run out of food or it will starve and despawn), which is great.

What Does It Do Best?​

Titanosaurs are known for breaking down base defenses in PVP, and for nomadic lifestyles, if you don't mind being landlocked (no ocean or air travel). You can place Tek replicators, fabricators, and chemistry benches on the Titanosaurs platform saddle, in addition to its large structure limit allowing you to build a decent-sized base on its back. It's recommended to level its weight and food (with some health) if you plan to use it as a mobile base.

For the role in PVP, it is recommended to level its strength and health, of course. With this build, they can destroy a metal foundation in ~11 attacks. It most likely will run out of stamina and need to recharge before fully demolishing, so if you can, it is a good idea to weaken the structures first, maybe with C4 or similar. Plant Species X is effectively worthless against the Titanosaur since it does no damage. It would also take a significant amount of Auto Turrets to repel the Titanosaur.

Next Up​

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