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Quick Facts Name: Herrera's Lizard Period: Late Triassic Diet: Carnivore, small/med herbivores Size: 6m (20 ft) Weight: 350kg (770 lb) Quick Bio The Herrerasaurus was first discovered by a paleontologist & rancher in 1958, in South America. Its name means, simply, "Herrera's Lizard." There is not much detail available on it, but it was...
Quick Facts Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex Period: Cretaceous Diet: Meat Size: 12.3m Weight: 8.4 - 14 Tons Nick: T. Rex, Tyrant Lizard Quick Bio The Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most well-known dinosaurs that have ever existed, if not the most popular. This is in part due to its popularity in the Jurassic Park franchise, but also because there...
The Suchomimius Tenerensis, commonly shortened to Sucho, was a very fast swimmer in the Early Cretaceous period. It very likely would out-swim the Spinosaurus (Late Cretaceous), if they ever came into contact. which is considered my favorite dinosaur. It would mostly eat fish, and other meat if needed. It grew to approximately 11m long on...
The Spinosaurus, also known simply as Spino, was a carnivore that did not live at the same time as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, another famous Carnivore in the Mesozoic era. It got most of its "fame" from the third Jurassic Park movie and various books over the decades. At least, that's when the public started knowing more about it. It lived in the...