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My Thoughts on the Path of Titans Growth System

The Path of Titan's growth system is unique, that's for sure. On official servers, you have to do quests to get growth, and if you die, you lose a section of growth, instead of losing your dinosaur completely, which is nice. Though a lot of people seem to think the POT growth system is 'not a good system,' I must honestly disagree. It's unique. If you want to play Path of Titans, but you don't want to be forced to do quests, join a Path of Titans Community server, like the one we have!

We're Using Teutonia, A Custom Map!​

We run our server on the Teutonia custom map. We are linked with Eden Titans and share dinos between the two servers. We both have passive growth enabled. The Mesozoic Haven Chill server is roughly 2 hours to grow from hatchling to full adult, and the Eden Titans server is roughly 20 minutes to grow your dinosaur to full. We are both CHILL servers, meaning we would appreciate it if you don't join, grow a dino, then go around killing people on sight (KOSsing). That goes against both of our rules and will get you an infraction/strike. Inside our Safe zones, you are not allowed to attack anyone at all, except during 1v1 or Migration events. Outside of the Safezone, you must 'announce' your intentions by 3 calling or broadcasting.

But back to the topic at hand. The Path of Titans growth system? Yes. It's unique. Yes, it does take time to get used to. But it allows for more variety of gameplay. And most community servers (like ours) have both Passive and Quest-based growth enabled.

Why not join our server? We'd love to have you hang out with us!


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