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What Are The Most Useful Creatures in ARK?

This entry is part of a series of entries "ARK For Beginners"
Well ... What ARE some of the best creatures to use in the ARK? There are quite a few, but here are some of the more prominent categories of creatures for which you will find a ton of use! Some creatures specialize in harvesting specific materials, some are better for transport, others are great for boss fights (if bred and leveled adequately), and we have some dinos that are generally better. Let's get going!

The Best Creatures for Transport​

There are a bunch of good transport creatures that can give you decent travel speed, as well as good defense, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. But they aren't the best dedicated transport creature. Those tend to fall to flyers like Argentavis, Wyverns, and Quetzal. Studio Wildcard made multiple changes to Flyers over the years. At first, you could level speed into your flyer, then they got rid of that ability for a few years in the name of PVP. I mean, it makes sense for PVP balancing. But to be perfectly honest, they could have balanced PVP and PVE separately from the beginning.

Surprisingly, the Parasaur is a decent mount for land for early to mid-game. It has a good amount of weight capacity, and is not very slow, but isn't very fast either. The Beelzebufo is another decent land mount too, being able to leap large distances. The raptor is a good early-mid game tame if you can separate one from the others and bola it safely to knock it out.

As for water mounts, the Basilosaurus is a good mount, since it is immune to jellyfish and eels stings and it won't knock you off your mount. While in shallow water, you get rapid healing as well. Other, bigger aquatic creatures like the Mosasaurus can also be useful when underwater, as well.

The Best Resource Gathering Creatures​

As for resource-gathering creatures, the Ankylosaurus, Doedicurus, Thereizino, Casteroides (Beaver), and Beelzebufo are some of the best. For Metal, you want the Anky(losaurus), and for Stone you want the Doedicurus. For Wood, you'll want the Casteroides, or the Therizino (which is also good for Thatch, Fiber, etc). The Beelzebufo is great for converting bulk Cementing Paste. Take some stone in its inventory and it'll convert bug carves into cementing paste (Chitin).

The Best Battle Companion​

To start with, obviously, the Rex and Giga are the two best damage dealers. But the Giga cannot go into most boss fights unless they're in-world minibosses. For regular, everyday battle companions, Gigas are great. High health, high damage, but terrible stamina (walk, don't run!). Rexes are the second-best in terms of damage, and the largest "drag weight" that you can bring into boss portals. Go for High HP, High Damage builds for both Rex & Giga if they're your primary.

There is a couple of herbivores that are decent in terms of damage output, and those are the Therizinosaurus (See the previous section for a picture) and Brontosaurus. They can also passively get resources like Thatch, Fiber, & Wood & Berries. Other herbivores can work in a pinch, but they are not really optimal.

The Best Overall Creatures​

There are plenty of useful creatures that all serve a specific niche. The sections above show the most useful creatures, but there are other creatures that excel in specific niches. For example, the Basilosaurus is immune to being shocked by eels and so you do not get knocked off the mount. There's also the Rock Drake & Deinonychus which can latch onto the cliff faces, structures, and more, of which the Rock Drake can also cloak itself. There's also the Bloodstalker that can swing around like Spider-dino (get it? :derp ).

For PVP uses, the standard Battle Companion dinos are great, but there's also some lesser-used creatures that can also have some use, like Baryonyx, Thyla, and Tapejara, in which passengers (or rider for non-flyers) can shoot rifles and weapons from. You can also shoot from a cloaked Rock Drake too, which is great against newer players or players that don't know how to look for Rock Drakes.
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