Community Commands

This page details all of our Discord, Game-Server, and Stream commands. If you want more information on what a command does, pick the tab that would have the command you want to learn more about!

All commands are prefixed by an !

  • dinojoke; joke ~ Posts a random Dino-themed joke into chat!
  • lurk ~ Do you need to step out for a bit? Use this command to let us know you’ll be back!
  • subhype ~ Hype up new Subscribers & Patreons!
  • tableflip; unflip ~ Respectively, flips and unflips virtual tables in chat.
  • unlurk ~ Return from your lurk with a fun message!
  • chomper; gecko ~ Shows a random picture of my pet Leopard Gecko, Chomper! He’s soooo cute!
  • about; aboutken ~ Gives you a link to learn more about me. Alternatively, click here.
  • age; agewarn ~ Reminds users that we do not allow talking about age in chat! If you mention that you’re under 13, my mods have been asked to report your account.
  • av ~ Gives you some tips on fixing some common audio/video issues!
  • specs ~ Gives you a link to get a detailed list of my PC Specs!
  • discord ~ Links you to our Discord server!
  • gameslist; gamelist ~ Gives you a link to our Games List page!
  • hosted; hostedby; hosts ~ Displays how many people we have hosting the stream! Every 5 hosts, we give 50 Scales to all viewers!
  • artist; gfxartist ~ Gives you a link to my primary Graphics Artist, AwtumnGrafix (and formerly Flatline)!
  • pg; ff; language ~ Reminds viewers that we need to stay Family-Friendly! (The filter should catch almost everything, though. This is for rare instances it doesn’t.)
  • mcserver ~ Gives you information on our vanilla Minecraft Subscriber server!
  • merch ~ Gives you a link to our Merchandise page!
  • rules ~ Links you to our Code of Conduct (AKA RULES) page.
  • sub; patreon ~ Gives you information on some of the perks of subscribing on Twitch or Patreon!
  • selfpromo; selfpromotion; selfpromoting ~ Warns the chat that Self Promotion is not allowed unless approved by Kenson or a senior mod!
  • social; socialmedia ~ Tells you of my Social Media handles! [Twitter: @Kenson_Plays — Instagram: KensonPlays of note]
  • suicidehotline; suicidehelp; kms; kys ~ (The latter two automatically whisper the user who said it letting them know to contact the Suicide Hotline if they’re serious) Gives the chat information on contacting the Suicide Hotline. It is a major consideration – Your life!
  • tip; tips; tipping ~ Gives you information if you want to tip to our community to help keep it going! Alternatively, you can Subscribe to Kenson on a monthly basis at a lower amount, if you wish. You can also become a Pro Member on our website here for some perks like no ads, coloring your username, and more!
  • streamloots ~ Do you want to directly affect the stream? Whether by messing Kenson up, by giving him resources, or just playing GIFs on stream? This is for you!
  • site; website ~ Links the chat to this website!
  • yt; youtube ~ Kenson’s YouTube channel. There may be a change in direction, or a restart of the channel coming up soon. Please vote in the sidebar which will be up for a week or two!
  • velo ~ Exploding Velo! Who will get it?! You win some Scales!
  • raid; heist ~ With a Dino-Theme!
  • steal ~ Random chance to steal Scales from another user. No targeting is available.
  • spin ~ Spin for a chance to win SCALES!
  • duel ~ Duel another user!
  • scramble ~ Unscramble the word! The list is based on scientific dinosaur names!
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