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Please take a bit, browse around and see what we have to offer! Once you are done, we highly recommend registering with Discord so your Discord avatar syncs with the site! Any of the social logins work, but we recommend signing up with Discord!

Community Game-servers

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We have, and will have, a mix of Public and Private game servers for our community to play on! Some games make more sense to have them as private subscriber servers (like ARK Survival Evolved. with limited building space available), and others are public (like Minecraft with an ‘infinite’ world). Here you can get more information on our various community game servers. Both current and hopeful future servers!

Current Servers​

Path of Titans​


Our Path of Titans server is now up! Search for “Mesozoic Haven (Chill)” on the Community Servers tab! We are running the Teutonia map with 10 slots currently. We will slowly expand the number of slots as we average close to the max limit for the plan. So around 2 from max averaging, then we upgrade the slots! Teutonia is the only mod/map we are running currently. We do not have plans to add any extra mods unless they’re additional Creator Mode items to help with events, for example. Join the Discussion for the server! Don’t forget to check the sticky threads for more detailed server information!

Upcoming/Planned Servers​


ARK Survival
is our next planned server! It will be a private server to our Pro Dinos or paid channel subs of Kenson & Cupara! It’ll be modded on Steam! All maps and mods will be free. No need to buy any of the DLC!

Currently: Tunguska is the map we’re considering if they can fix the spawn bugs with Wyverns & Phoenix. The list of mods will be on a sticky thread in the ARK server board once the server is up!


Minecraft Java Edition
will be the server to come after ARK. The server will be public with Anti-Grief plugins and some QOL plugins. Nothing needs to be installed on your client. It will be all server-sided optimizations and QOL!

Server Sponsorships​

Do you want to help sponsor a server for our community? We will gladly accept sponsors for any servers, even active ones! As a sponsor, you get a little blurb in the MOTD of the server; and a link of your choice in the board connected to it, as well! Oh. And don’t forget, you also can help decide what happens on the server as part of that server’s “board of directors!”

To sponsor a server of your choosing, go to your Paid Upgrades page and select the Sponsor upgrade (20/mo)!
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