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Community Game-Servers

We have, and will have a mix of Public and Private game servers for our community to play on! Some games make more sense to have them as private subscriber servers (like ARK Survival Evolved. Limited building space), and others are public (like Minecraft with an ‘infinite’ world). Here you can get more information on our various community game servers. Both current, and hopeful future servers!

Current Servers

Path of Titans

Our Path of Titans server is now up! Just search for "Mesozoic Haven (Chill)" on the Community Servers tab! We are running the Teutonia map, with 10 slots currently. We will slowly expand the number of slots as we average close to the max limit for the plan. So around 2 or so from max averaging, then we upgrade the slots! Teutonia is the only mod/map we are running currently. We do not have plans to add any extra mods unless they're additional Creator Mode items to help with events, for example. Join the Discussion for the server! Don't forget to check the sticky threads for more detailed server information!

Upcoming/Planned Servers

Path of Titans

ARK Survival and Minecraft are the two that will be coming next. ARK Survival first, then Minecraft! More details as we get closer to launching them.

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    May 13, 2022
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