Hello Dino Friends!

Our “new” website is under construction. WordPress provides a superior webpage/blog writing platform over XenForo. We will continue to have the forums, but it’s been moved to the /forums/ directory on the website.

This website will have some guest posts once in a while from friends of the community on various topics, like gaming, dinosaurs, or more. These would be from their points of view, not Kenson’s.

We will be trying to post 1 article a week, whenever possible. There may be periods where a couple of weeks or so go by with no new posts, but we will be doing our best to keep up a weekly post schedule!

Well, that’s it for now. We will be working on adding the required pages over the next few days, including some private Twitch Sub only pages (information for the game-servers, etc). Keep a lookout for those!

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