Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our community, this is the place to hopefully have them answered!

Community Questions

Why is Kenson “PG”?

I’ve always been PG throughout my entire life. The way I was raised was as a Christian, and my personal beliefs and nobody in my family swears. And as a christian, I don’t believe in evolution, as well.

As discussing religion and controversial topics like politics and evolution/creation are technically against our rules, I prefer to not talk much about it. (some discussion allowed as long as it doesn’t start causing a lot of problems)

Site & Community

How Do I Earn Various Ranks?

There are 2 primary ranks in our community here that are specially earned (with the exception of the private sub-server membership). Here’s how you can earn them:
– Minimum 500 Followers (250 if PG)
– Actively creating content and promoting the Mesozoic Haven
— Promoting Mesozoic Haven can mean a timer on your stream that helps share the community, or by creating content on our servers with links to the server’s details in your description/commands.
– Minimum 750 Subscribers (250 if PG)
– Actively creating content within the Mesozoic Haven community.
– This does not have to be weekly, but we’d prefer at least once a month!

What Are The Commonly Played Games?

The Mesozoic Haven community plays a wide variety of games! But here are some of the most commonly played games:
– ARK: Survival Evolved (Cluster running, semi-open. Just join our Guilded to get in!)
– Monster Hunter series (World & Rise mostly)
Path of Titans
We do play non-dino, non-dragon/wyvern/monster games too!
– Toontown (Corporate Clash, TBD Event Horizon [of which Kenson is Lead Community Manager])
– Minecraft

Do You Have Any Public Servers?

Fully public, not at the moment.

Have A Question That’s Not Answered?

Contact Us, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can!

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