FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our community, please take a moment to read over this F.A.Q. page. Hopefully, your question will already be answered. If not, feel free to ask the question over on our Guilded server. If it seems like a question that would be asked often, we’ll add it to this page! 

FAQ – About Our Owners

Why is Kenson a “PG” Creator?

Kenson’s always been PG throughout his entire life. He was raised and still is a Christian, and in his personal & family beliefs, nobody swears. Also, as a Christian, Kenson does not believe in evolution. Talking about these topics is ok, to a point. As long as it doesn’t get heated.

Why is Cupara Not a “PG” Creator?

The saying “Cuss like a sailor” comes from somewhere. That somewhere is the Navy. I’m ex-Navy and I tried the full on PG but it didn’t work out for me. I found it easier to be PG-13 where I could still cuss but leave out the worst words.

FAQ – Site & Community

How Do I Earn Various Ranks on Guilded?

There are 3 primary ranks in the community here that are especially earned (with the exception of the private sub-server membership).
Here’s how you can earn them:
— Minimum 500 Followers (with some exceptions if your G/PG)
— Actively creating content and promoting the Mesozoic Haven
— Promoting Mesozoic Haven can mean a timer on your stream that helps share the community, or by creating streams & videos on our servers with a link to the server’s details threads in your description/commands.
— Minimum 250 Subscribers (with some exceptions if your G/PG)
— Actively creating content within the Mesozoic Haven community.
— This does not have to be weekly, but we’d prefer at least once a month!
— No hard-set follower requirements
— Actively creating content that you share with the community. Preferably dinosaur-related in some way, but it doesn’t have to be!
— No sharing NSFW artwork within the community.
If your channel is primarily NSFW, unfortunately, we can’t allow that being a PG-13 community.

What Are Your Commonly Played Games?

The Mesozoic Haven community plays a wide variety of games! But here are some of the most commonly played games:
— Path of Titans (Public Server available!)
— ARK: Survival Evolved (Semi-private Server, password protected)
— Monster Hunter series (World & Rise mostly)

We do play non-dino, non-dragon/wyvern/monster games too!
— Toontown (Corporate Clash, TBD Event Horizon)
— Minecraft

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