Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about our community, this is the place to check first! If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to sent in a contact request to get the answer (May take a day or two though)!


Kenson & the Mesozoic Haven community enjoy Dinosaurs, Dragons, Science-Fiction, gaming, and entertainment in general! We mostly come together for gaming-related purposes, but it’s not limited to that! We have people who are tech-savvy, so if you need help with technology, you can get some help! Otherwise, feel free to hang around with the other friendly members of our community!
In one form or another, about 5 years. Kenson wasn’t real serious until about 4 years ago, though. Check out the About Us page for more details about the community & Kenson!


Kenson plays on private servers that he owns, administrates, or is whitelisted on whenever possible. When he joins a public game-server, anyone can feel free to join in the fun! If the title mentions “Subs,” “Patrons,” “Private,” or something similar though, that means only certain people are allowed to get onto the server.

Ranks & Roles

Please keep things PG if possible! To earn the Streamer role, you should have at least 500 Followers on the platform of your choice [Mixer, Twitch, DLive, etc]. We can make exceptions on occasion, though, as long as you’re serious about streaming!
Please keep things PG if possible! To earn the YouTuber Role, you must have 750 Subscribers to be considered normally. We can make exceptions if you show to us that you are active and can keep the content you share with us clean!
Please keep things SFW if possible! To earn the Artist role, you just need to get a hold of one of the Tyrants of our community and show us your portfolio. As long as you are actively creating art (can be weeks between even), then you can keep the role!

Question Not Answered?

If your question was not answered here, please contact us and we will get a hold of you as soon as we can!

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