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Important information such as how to request account deletion (GDPR) and similar!
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How To Earn Dino Bones!

We have added a credit system to our site! You can earn Dino Bones just by participating on the site! Every 1000 Bones is worth roughly $1. It takes 5000 Bones to earn 1 month access to our private community game servers. Public ones remain accessible to all.

Earning Dino Bones

  • Registration: Earn a bonus of 100 upon Registering
  • Avatar Upload: Earn a bonus of 100 upon updating your avatar (once per month max)
  • Daily Login Bonus: 10
  • BDay Bonus:...
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How To Request Account Deletions

Our account deletion process is mostly automated, but there are some things you will need to do on your end first! Please read this post for information on our Account Deletion request/policy. Please refer to our Terms of Use for a more detailed explanation.

Before Submitting Account Deletion Requests

We strongly recommend that you go through your posting history and remove any personal data you don't want to remain on the site. This is because we anonymise...
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Today is me and my girlfriend's 1 month anniversary of dating!! Hard to believe that it's been a month already.
Awaiting for it to be the 29th cause it marks me and my girlfriend's 1 month anniversary of dating.
Howdy everyone! How are you all doing today?

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