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Game Guides

Guides for various games that our community plays!
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Sticky threads
Hello friends! If you're interested in posting your own game guide, please read over this thread first! Game Guide Requirements For Tips & Trips posts: 500-600 Words Minimum Preferably closer to 800 Words if possible. For Tutorials & In-Depth Guides: 1,000 Words Minimum Preferably closer to 1200+ Words if possible "No Limit" on how long your post can be. Maximum characters per post is 25k. This averages out to about 3500 words. Since you can split the post into multiple replies and link to the reply in the main thread. Images: Please add only images you have permission to use. Some methods of obtaining legal images: Take the picture yourself in-game. [This is the best way] Use free stock photo images like Pixabay, Unsplash...
Normal threads
This guide will tell you the various methods of how to get ARK: Survival Ascended. As of right now, you cannot actually purchase it, but we will let you know which platforms it will be on! ASA's Planned Platforms PC (Steam) Xbox Series X/S PS5 Sorry guys! It will not be coming out on the Nintendo Switch or mobile. Those devices aren't powerful enough to run it. How To Get ARK: Survival Ascended Currently, ASA is not purchasable, and it looks like it will not be a pre-order purchasable game. This means for the first while, they will offer a discount on PC purchases, and it will have a launch discount from $60 down to $40 if you purchase it shortly after launch. -- This guide will be updated as more information comes before release --
So, you want to know some ways to optimize your PC ARK Experience? ARK can be pretty demanding, even on higher-end systems. That is for sure. There are some tricks to getting the game to run more smoothly, but it will sacrifice the quality of the gameplay a bit. That is until we see how the UE5 changes how the game runs. Let us explain a couple of things about why ARK is this way, before helping you optimize your gameplay. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Guilded or Contact Us, and ask us for some more tips! We would be more than glad to help answer your questions to help your game run just that little bit more smoothly! ARK Optimization Methods There are multiple ways to improve your PC ARK experience and thereby get...
Here's a list of useful Path of Titans commands for both players, server administrators & moderators! If you find this page useful, please let us know! We'll add to the chart below as new commands are added to the official builds (we do not include Public Test Builds as those could change or be removed). Some people may call these "cheat codes," which some are; but these are also useful administrative commands for servers! Commands For Everyone These Path of Titans Commands is available to all players, no matter what! These are not permission-lockable or deniable. CMD Name CMD Perms Commands Description /rules Everyone Lists the rules of the server. /motd Everyone Displays the server's Message of the Day (MOTD). /help Everyone...

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