We need to talk about ARK balancing issues of PvP and PvE

ARK balancing systems needs to be improved, that much is sure. ARK is an amazing game with flaws. Let’s get that out of the way. If you’re looking for a dinosaur survival game, ARK is one of your best bets. It has dinosaurs, survival, bosses, and large open maps. All of those things are essential for exploring and playing a survival game. But the balance of the game is geared towards PvP, with a little afterthought for PvE players/servers.

Things ARK Balancing is Good At

ARK does have some balanced areas, like limiting the number of turrets in an area for base defense. It allows people to know there will be no more than that. For those of you who can handle ARK’s PvP, all the more to you! ARK’s PvP is decent, but when a game codes its entire codebase focused around PvP, and seemingly forgets about the PvE crowd, that is where they’re overstepping their bounds, in our opinion.

Things should be balanced towards both types of game-modes, mods like Classic Flyers. This leads us to our second point on ARK’s method of ‘balancing.’

Things ARK Balancing is Bad At

Classic Flyers Mod Logo

Studio Wildcard doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the other half of their game’s crowd though. Players like KensonPlays and other PvE players have to install multiple mods on their servers usually to get the game to feel more balanced. You shouldn’t be required to install extra mods (like Classic Flyers) just to make the game feel balanced. That is not a good game design practice.

If some of the Jurassic Kingdoms community members were part of Studio Wildcard, or on a team that helps keep the game fair, we would be aiming to have different balancing code for both PvP and PvE.

The ARK Community Wants Fair Gameplay

I’m sure we speak for most of the ARK community when we say, we want a fair and balanced game. We need to have a better-managed ARK balancing system, please Studio Wildcard! This could simply be a setting that gets changed if you put the server on PvPvE or PvE modes (as is common with unofficial servers), which allows fliers to have their speed stat improved again, so we wouldn’t need a mod to perform this action.

We’re sure this wouldn’t be a difficult thing to implement, or simply have it as a server .ini configuration setting to enable flier speed without the need for mods. By adding this, you can please a lot more communities on ARK, and possibly keep the game alive longer with keeping a way to have both PvE and PvP crowds pleased at the same time.

What the ARK Community Says

There have been many posts over the years between the Steam discussion boards, the official forums, Reddit, and more. Many, many people over the years have been complaining about ARK balancing issues. They feel that Studio Wildcard really needs to get up and fix these glaring issues with their PvE community since that’s another whole giant part of their game.

ARK Balancing tweaks could be as simple as changing the way flyers work between PvP and PvE, and slightly changing some dinosaur abilities between PvP and PvE. For example, Managarmr’s are almost useless in PvE due to their balancing for PvP. Flyers being unable to use a speed stat makes certain fliers useless in PvE. Unless you need a flying base, Quetzals aren’t worth taming; and it’s much smarter to tame something like an Argentavis instead.


While ARK: Survival Evolved is a fun game, it definitely needs some major improvements in the area of game balancing between all the game modes, like PvP, PvE, and PvPvE (where in general it’s mostly PVE with consensual PvP fights between 2 agreed upon tribes is commonly done).

The Jurassic Kingdoms community does have a Steam ARK server running on Valguero! It is a PvPvE server, with a primary focus on PvE, and PvP is allowed between parties if they both agree on it. To join, you need to subscribe to Kenson on Twitch. We try to keep ‘ARK balancing’ our server to keep things fair to everyone!

What things would YOU improve on with ARK, if you were developing the game?

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