Beasts of Bermuda – A New Player’s Perspective

Beasts of Bermuda is a whole “new” beast in the survival genre. It has a lot of excellent features, though the UI and the way the maps look could be a bit better in our opinion. There is a recode in progress (as of the time of this writing, anyhow) that should be complete in a couple of weeks or so. We will be updating this blog post with our thoughts on how the recode went when we test the game with recordings & streaming. There are elements that we like, which we will go into detail on in this post, as well as some thoughts on improvements. First, will be the User Interface (UI) of the game screen.

Things BoB Can Improve On

Beasts of Bermuda - UI
The UI of Beasts of Bermuda is decent, to say the least. They could hide some UI elements when they’re not needed, like your giant health gauge. Why does it always need to show when you’re at full health? The icon is so huge and glaring, as well. It would be nice if the shrunk it a little bit, it almost feels like it takes a substantial chunk of your display (which it does).

Meanwhile, The Isle’s UI is cleaner, and you can have the UI elements either stay hidden unless they change (like food, water, health), or keep them static. It feels a lot cleaner, and that’s one element we prefer on The Isle over Beasts of Bermuda. Look at a screenshot below for reference:

The Isle - UI
The Isle - UI

Things BoB Can Improve On

This is one area that Beasts of Bermuda does better than The Isle. We’re not trying to bash on The Isle to improve (although both games are getting recodes ‘soon,’ with Beasts of Bermuda within the next 2-3 weeks from what we hear), but BoB (as the game’s commonly referred too) has a much better nesting system than The Isle. On Beasts of Bermuda, you need both a Male and Female creature to nest and raise young.

Meanwhile, on The Isle, you can create a nest, incubate eggs, and hatch baby dinos by yourself as a lone female. Meanwhile, on BoB you need both genders. The male lays the nest (from what we’ve seen) and the female lays the eggs. Both players must work together to support the young.

Requiring both Male and Female creatures is a very nice system, it means you can’t just solo raise young, you have to have someone else to assist you since you can’t do everything on your own. We’re hoping that when The Isle (eventually) releases their recode, they have a similar system for nesting.

Another area that BoB excels in is the Talent system (see image). You can customize your dinos stats through your growth and lifespan to suit your playstyle. For example, you can put your points into survival and speed to stay alive easier, or you can put your points into combat, or even into parenting-related skills. That is a very cool feature.

There is also genetics involved in Beasts of Bermuda. If you are a 3rd generation or 4th generation, you can inherit some skills from your parents. This means you can either put fewer points into that skill to reach level 3, or you can put more points into it to reach 5/3 points, for example.

Things BoB Can Improve On

This game isn’t perfect, no game is. There are areas in which the game can improve on, like the UI, mentioned above. Another area of improvement we feel could be beneficial is the map design. Some of the textures aren’t very highly textured (see image), while others are at a good place.

The day and night system could also possibly use some tweaking. At night, the sky isn’t pitch black like one map on The Isle, but the ground pieces are exceedingly difficult to see sometimes, like rocks. At one point on our first time playing, we were walking into a rock, because we couldn’t tell that the rock was there.

There is no “night vision” in this game. It isn’t a requirement, but it is a pleasant thing to have. Although, The Isle’s night vision could also use some improvements. One Isle dinosaur (Dilophosaurus) has a 4x better night vision than every single other dinosaur in the game. The range is truly short for other dinosaurs, and bigger dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus, and Spinosaurus are at a major disadvantage with this.


While Beasts of Bermuda (BoB) is a great game for dinosaur fans, particularly because it includes Pterosaurs and Aquatic life, there are some pretty key areas we hope that either the recode addresses, or will be addressed down the road. We will be sure to update this post as we need too, to give you more correct information if you are considering getting this game as a newer potential player yourself!

That said, if you want another dinosaur game to check out, we do recommend giving Beasts of Bermuda a try. It certainly has potential! Steam does offer a 2-week, 2-hour refund period, after all! Or, you could watch a YouTube Video or Livestream on it to get some ideas for how things go.

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(We plan to give it another try at some point shortly, or after the recode’s done in the next couple of weeks, hopefully giving better live performance)


What do you think? What parts of Beasts of Bermuda do you like? Hate?


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