The Amazing Acrocanthosaurus – Survival & Playstyle Tips

Beast of Bermuda’s Acro (Full name: Acrocanthosaurus) is one of the toughest dinos available in BoB. It’s a bit faster than the Icthyovenator, is the highest damaging dinosaur, super high health, and is the biggest of any carnivore in the game. It can hunt Apatosaurus & Parasaurolophus fairly easily on its own and can inflict major bleed on its prey.

Though playing this dinosaur solo is possible, having a pack of friends will prove to be helpful, as you will see in this post. We hope to provide some useful tips & tricks to survive a bit easier than if you didn’t. We hope you find this guide useful to give you some pointers, possibly before even starting to play Acrocanthosaurus itself.

Surviving as Acrocanthosaurus

New Acro players should focus on survivability & speed talents while growing. Once you are near the adult stage, you can start putting talents into other areas like combat & ability improvements. Since T-Rex’s can run faster than an Acro, you need to be able to outrun them to survive! We recommend waiting to level “Intimidation Roar” later after you put skills into Survival, Speed, & combat. This will help you to survive a bit more easily against other players.

One thing players often overlook when playing Acro, is that you have a fast metabolism. You should always keep a lookout for food because of this. You shouldn’t stay in one place for too long. Experienced players can fell even other large creatures like T-Rex, Apatosaurus, or others; as long as your prey is unable to recover and getaway.

Stats & Negatives

Acro also has the highest health and size in-game. Don’t let this fool you though! Even when your fully grown, while having the highest health and size, you can still die to T-Rex or even a good group of Velociraptors. It’s recommended to focus on speed, then survival, then combat skills.

The Acrocanthosaurus in Beasts of Bermuda has a very slight jump available. It isn’t very useful. It’s mainly used to get unstuck off of rocks or small ledges. It does cost a significant amount of your stamina to use this jump. Acro’s are also weak to intense weather since they have a low resistance to it. They are apparently also the cause of some of the severe weather in-game (Apex/Tyrants).

Beasts of Bermuda - Acrocanthosaurus Recommended Talents

Tips for Surviving

The best way to learn this dinosaur in Beasts of Bermuda is to play it with friends. If you have a friend who’s familiar with the game, ask them to teach you their ways of playing said dinos! If you want to join a community with people who play Dinosaur games, join our community!

Our community has a few BoB players that could help out, but we hope that this tips guide has been useful to you in giving you some starting tips on playing the Acro. It is one of the most powerful creatures in BoB, if you can survive to adulthood, and apply our tips, you should be able to survive much easier as an Acrocanthosaurus. This doesn’t guarantee your survival, though, the experience will.

Acrocanthosaurus & Bleeding

Acrocanthosaurus’ bleeding mechanic won’t completely bleed out a target until it dies, it just prevents recovery if they do not rest. You will need to keep the pressure on the target to prevent them from hiding & healing up. It is most effective on larger/slower prey like Saichania or Apatosaurus. This essentially prevents them from running off and hiding and surviving another day.

Larger and slower prey are more likely to stand their ground, so be prepared for that. Having a pack of Acros helps significantly. One or two Acros deal the damage, while the others distract and keep the intimidating roars and bleed to bring down other dinos for your pack’s food. 


Beast of Bermuda’s Acro is a fun dinosaur to play. It can be tough to survive as, as well as against. If you are wanting an interesting challenge, we recommend giving Acrocanthosaurus a try! You may end up enjoying it. There are many other dinosaurs you can play as in Beasts of Bermuda, though. These include the Velociraptor and Icthyovenator. Keep an eye out on our blog for more articles on this game, and others!

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