Dinotastic Dinosaur Game Updates

There’s been a big ‘dinotastic’ shift in the Dinosaur Game universe today! We’ve had not just one, but multiple major updates either announced in the dino gaming space! Among these are the games Path of Titans, The Isle, and Beasts of Bermuda. These may all be dinosaur survival games, but they’re all fairly well known in this space. Let’s get on with what’s included in these updates. We’ll start with Beasts of Bermuda.

Beasts Of Bermuda Overhaul

We’ll start with the more important aspects of this update. Optimizations and Bug fixes are key to any game’s success, in addition to new features. This update is no downer in this regard. They’ve optimized structure replication for players that aren’t relevant. The team has also disabled forcing Anti-Aliasing on low-end PC’s. This includes disabling texture-streaming on UI icons so they don’t show blurry, and their size has been adjusted so they’re not more costly than they should.

If you are running on a lower-specced PC, you can rejoice! The game should run smoother for you after these optimizations. They’ve also addressed textures sizing issues, which means that less memory is in use now. Certain textures that were far too large were corrected. Rewriting the skin system has also been completed. Skins are now cached client-side, which should also help with performance.

They’ve also patched bugs, including being no longer able to access the Talent menu while you’re in an egg, thereby influencing the inherits after hatching. If you are playing Velociraptor, your camera will no longer go into the object your climbing on. Teleporters on Rival Shores no longer place you in the air, but on the ground. This will help prevent fall damage-related deaths. There are quite a few more bug fixes, but these are what jumped out at us.

There have also been balancing mechanic updates. Eggs can no longer drown, and hatchlings now auto-join groups properly after hatching, as long as it does not break hard-coded group limits. Eggs also now belong to the group, not the specific parent. The new grouping implementation should reduce network traffic and CPU usage server-side. Picking up creatures or eggs will also now prioritize possessed eggs over unpossessed. You can also now group invite players by pressing the use key once while looking at a nearby player. Pteranodons Sturdy talent has now been replaced with Stoic.

As for maps, they’ve optimized some assets on various areas of the maps and redid the lighting setup on Rival Shores. They’ve added “Beach Shells” as an omnivorous food source, with an aquatic preference. Cactus on Rival Shores can now be eaten, and give a slight negative comfort when eaten (while Botanists reduces this effect), and give a little bit of water when eaten.

The Beasts of Bermuda team has also introduced Save Slots, with a maximum of 6 per server. Old save files are no longer compatible with this patch, so servers are likely to wipe all saved player files. You will likely have to start all over. Sorry! If a creature dies, it will still exist on your save profile, at least. There is a new command server admins can use “ResurrectPlayer” – But admins are not allowed to sell or exchange for points systems. The developers specifically forbid this.

The Isle – Envirma Update

Giganotosaurus - The Isle - Game Updates
The Isle – UI

They have finally announced an update for the overhaul recode for The Isle, codenamed Envirma! The tentative date is June 14th-20th, which is about 1 month from the publication date of this post. Some of the new features coming with this update are a complete overhaul of the game’s code, so you will lose your dinosaurs, unfortunately. Some of the core game mechanics have been significantly changed, as well. These will be detailed below.

Bleeding no longer causes health damage, but will cause you to lose your stamina instead, depending on your bleed level. There is a new “Venom” skill that Troodons & Dilophosaurus’ can make use of, that lets you track your prey down. Body collisions are now a thing, which means that you won’t be able to lay inside another player now, unfortunately.

Pouncing is also being reintroduced, with dinos like the Utahraptor. Biting through walls & trees will no longer be possible, as well. Corpses are now partially draggable. This means you can take off a chunk of a corpse and walk around with it. This will be especially helpful for nesting in young carnivores that may be too old for eating off the nest, and too young to hunt on their own yet. Herbivores can now graze! You are able to gain very small amounts of food by eating grass. Corpses decay, or can be eaten until only your bones lie there, so you can see your place of death more often!

New Dinosaurs!

There will be a total of 14 new dinos (in addition to the ones that are currently in the game) that will come with the recode (or soon after). The dinos are as follows:


  • Troodon (playable)
  • Compsognathus (playable/AI)
  • Monolophosaurus (playable)


  • Beipiaosaurus (playable)
  • Oviraptor (playable)


  • Hypsilophodon (playable)
  • Tenontosaurus (playable)
  • Magyarosaurus (playable)
  • Kentrosaurus (playable)
  • Homalocephale (playable/AI)
  • Minmi (playable/AI)
  • Protoceratops (playable)


  • Pteranodon (playable)


  • Deinosuchus (playable)

That is in addition to most dinos being unplayable at first, but will very shortly be reintroduced. This means that only Utahraptor and Tenontosaurus will be playable at first, with others being added back in very shortly thereafter. Most, if not all dinosaurs will also have major stat changes, have their maximum sizes increased (like the Rex being as big as Sue). Juvies are also getting unique animations, so they’re faster. Currently, they just use the same adult animations.

Misc Updates

Other dinos (including the new ones) will have new animations and sounds. Herbivores will have more food options, which will make surviving as them easier! The new map, Isla Spero (Hope) is also 4 times bigger than v3 (which will no longer exist once the new map is out). Hopefully this means Herbivores will be able to survive a bit easier!

Seamless growth is being introduced, no more need for a “Grow” button anymore. You will just keep growing until you hit the adult stage! They also are improving CPU and Bandwidth usage, which will have performance improvements for all! Spamming nest invites will be gone (Thankfully!) due to an improvement to the feature, not through a global invite.

A new combat system is in the works, but only Dondi knows when it will be coming out, unfortunately. Modding will come later on, since the code will still be changing fairly frequently. Once the game is at a 1.0 stage (when they announce it), you can create all the mods you want (including say, Hypo Herbivores). The “Hope” map will, according to Dondi: “Our fully aquatic (marine) animals are more likely to make an appearance.”

Path Of Titans Coming Along Nicely

One of our favorite games, Path Of Titans, is coming along nicely with the last few patches. Some of the things included in these last few updates include playable Spinosaurus in Multiplayer (of which I love the 3 different sub-species choices!); new maps, and modding support is being worked on! Havens & Waystones are also very close to being usable, by the looks of things, as well.

There will be a total of 15 havens around Panjura (Path of Titan’s map name). This gives small dinosaurs plenty of areas to choose from and explore in relative safety. Each haven is unique; some are in plateaus and some are in gullies. You need to jump across large gaps like ravines to get to some, and some are only accessible by crawling through a small cave.

Waystones are located in each corner of the map, and one in a central location, which can serve as points of interest, meeting points for you and your friends, and more. Each Waystone has a unique feel to make them distinct from one another. One feels like a swamp, one like a grassy sinkhole, another is a cavernous ravine, and another is an island rock! There is also one that’s on a rocky plateau. 

The team feels like the map is very close to completion. They feel the map is “Good enough,” but they want to make it even better yet. They’re going to be starting a second pass over all tiles in Panjura soon. Since all Havens & Waystones are completed now, the second pass should be starting soon! Bringing even more detail to areas that were left relatively untouched in the first pass. This will make a more interesting, rich, and exciting environment to explore!


There are many things to look forward too soon in the dinosaur gaming space! We feel this is just the start of a whole new trend of dinosaur-related games. And we are excited to see what comes out of all of this. Keep an eye out on our blog for more dinosaur-related information for all of you to read! If you want to join our community, please feel free to do so! We’re excited to have you join us! If you want to see gameplay of these games, check out KensonPlays on Twitch!

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