Lost Ember – A Gem of a Game

(Notice: We are trying to keep this as spoiler-free as possible)

There are many story-based games these days, some by indie studios (like Lost Ember, Abzu, etc), and some by AAA developers (Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed). There are many story-driven games these days, but it seems a lot of the major AAA story-driven games these days aren’t as highly rated as the older games, and a lot of the indie games tend to have mostly positive reviews.

Games by indie developers are often well made since indie developers tend to put a lot of love into their games. That is what got us in the case of Lost Ember. The story was very well put together, and everything flowed into one another. The narrator’s voice could have been a bit better, but other than that, Kenson teared up during multiple parts of the story.

Similarities to Other Games

Lost Ember has some ‘similarities’ to other story-based games. It is linear, like Abzu, and has narration like Half-Life 2. The voice actor, to be honest, could’ve done better as the narrator, either with a bit more feeling in the voice, or a different voice actor. We won’t go into detail about the story, so you don’t get too spoiled.

Amazing Visuals

Visuals are an especially critical part of any story, and Lost Ember delivers. Just look at the screenshot above. It may be simple in terms of art-style, but even simpler art can mean a lot. Look at older games and even modern games with lower ‘resolutions’ like Minecraft. Games aren’t all about high-quality visuals.

Length of The Story

This game has a decently long story. It is considerably longer than the likes of Abzu, another game we’ve enjoyed playing. Abzu’s story is only about 1 – 1.5 hours long; and Lost Ember’s story is closer to 5 hours long. If you are debating between these two games, we’d recommend you pick up Lost Ember, due to the story being much longer. Both have replayability value, not as in being able to replay right away after completing the story, but down the road, if you want to experience it again, it is doable. For full-price, Lost Ember is $30 USD, and Abzu is $20.

Abzu’s story is also a great game, don’t get us wrong. Lost Ember, though, has a much longer story in comparison. If you are the type of person who can get emotional/teary-eyed, you will really enjoy this well-written game. The art-style is also nice, and you will enjoy it.

Well-Composed Music

Another important aspect of a well-written story-driven game is the soundtrack. We feel that Lost Ember’s soundtrack was chosen fairly well. Especially the music towards the very end of the story. Music is a much more important aspect than some people think. Simply having good background music or a dedicated soundtrack can completely change the feel of a moment in the game.

Some game soundtracks we like to listen to without playing the game, and if you especially enjoy the game, getting the soundtrack to listen to out-of-game is another great way to support the developers/artists of the game.

Watch The Lost Ember #End-Credit-Spoilers from KensonPlays on www.twitch.tv


While there are many AAA Story-Based games out there, you should give some thoughtful consideration to indie titles like Lost Ember, Abzu, Journey, and similar. Indie developers tend to put a lot of heart into their projects, and we can certainly feel that this is true with Lost Ember. If it weren’t for their supporters on Kickstarter, we wouldn’t have seen this game come to light. (Unfortunately, we did not know about the game until much later when we saw it on Steam)

If you want a nice game to relax too, and a much larger map to explore than Abzu, we can highly recommend this amazing game, which is called Lost Ember. We feel it is worth it full-price, but if you can’t afford the $30 price-tag, we were able to snag it for 40% off a couple of weeks ago (beginning of April 2020), so keep an eye out just in case it goes on sale again.

KensonPlays does stream story games once in a while, so keep an eye out for those kinds of streams! You can check his channel out here.

What are your thoughts on Story-driven games like Lost Ember?

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