Path of Titans has gotten us excited – 8 Reasons why!

Path of Titans is a game still in heavy development, with plans to pre-release with around 90-95% of the content in September. There are quite a few features that we are looking forward to in this new Dino Survival game. It does feel like The Isle in some areas, true. There are some key features that Path of Titans has that The Isle does not though.

There are a lot of things we’re looking forward too, so let’s get right into it. There are many features that the game will have, so we will organize them into a few subheadings of similar features. Hopefully, that will make it easier for you to read.

Cross-Play Device Support

The first major feature that’s piquing our interest is the fact they have Cross-Play in development. The Isle does not have Cross-Play and as far as we can tell, they have no plans to make The Isle available for mobile or console.

These days, Cross-Play can make or break a game, we feel. It is nice to know that major game developers are starting to investigate Cross-Play more seriously. Cross-Play feels almost essential these days. Some people don’t have computers that can handle games and are limited to console gaming. This is one area where Cross-Play excels.

Cross-Server Characters

ARK has Clusters; Minecraft servers can ‘bungee’ together. Path of Titans will have something similar they call “Hiving.” All official servers will be ‘hived’ together where your dinosaurs and stats will synchronize between all their Official servers. Private servers will be able to ‘hive’ together as well. We think that’s an awesome feature! Not losing progress between multiple servers is something we feel will be beneficial to those who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

Goniopholis - Path of Titans
Goniopholis – Path of Titans

Officially Supported Modding

Another major feature that Path of Titans plans on adding is an officially supported modding API/Devkit. This will even work on Mobile if the map/dinosaur is coded properly. That is cool; most games only support modding on PC, and not on Mobile or Consoles.

What we’re hoping to see is a bunch of maps over time. The one large map that the team is currently developing will be around 64 square kilometers (about 24 square miles). Being able to have third party-developed maps on mobile and Console will be very cool to see.

No Humans

Path of Titans plans to be a dino-only survival game! This means no humans, no mutant dinosaurs, no mythical creatures, or made-up never-existed creatures. Too many dinosaur games, I feel, must include humans or sci-fi, or similar non-dinosaur related items.

Extended AI Creatures

As we were looking at the Path of Titans Discord today, we saw a message that was in response to another member’s question. They had asked, “Will there be other AI fish that will attack players trying to catch them?” One of the moderators responded with “There will be AI versions of each playable character (dino), and there will be AI Didelphodon, Plathystrix, Palaeosaniwa, Basilemys, and Goniopholis. Plenty of creatures to be worried about on land and in water.”

That sounds like fun! Having to worry about more than other players, but AI of all sizes, even potentially from the same species as you! You will always have to keep an ear listening for dangers, which might cause some issues for the Jurassic Kingdoms planned server for Path of Titans. We wanted to create a SafeZone for inexperienced players to relax in, for people to just chill, but it seems this may not be possible with the AI system they’re developing.

Palaeosaniwa - Path of Titans
Palaeosaniwa – Path of Titans

Character Customization

From everything I’ve seen, the character customization system coming to Path of Titans is something to look forward too. There will be events and quests that you must complete to be able to buy/unlock various skins. You earn tokens from quests to unlock some skins and earn certain skins directly from taking part in events in-game.

Various Extended Mechanics

The Path of Titans team has added some amazing mechanics that will only improve over time! You can swim underwater (whereas you cannot on The Isle, no ETA on when that will be added), and even ‘go fish’ the AI fish, and eat them for food. Let’s hope that this continues to be improved upon for a long time.

Kentrosaurus - Path of Titans
Kentrosaurus – Path of Titans

Extended Game Support

The devs have personally said that they plan to support Path of Titans for ~5 to ~10 years. The fact that they’re planning to support and updating the game for an extended period like that makes us glad to fund their game on IndieGoGo.


There is a definite need for more dinosaur games which are both fun to play and mostly polished. Take the example of ARK: Survival Evolved. It took the Studio Wildcard team years to get it to anywhere decent. We hope that Path of Titans doesn’t turn into another ARK situation! The game has so much potential, especially with the features we’re most looking forward to like Cross-Play and modding support.

Have we missed any minor features that are awesome? Let us know!

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