Path Of Titans – A New Dino Survival Game For Everyone?

So there’s this new dinosaur survival game being developed, that has a similar feel in some areas to The Isle, a dino survival game I really enjoy. As with all early access titles, there’s a ton of potential for the game to be a huge success, but there will always be a chance that it will flop. Will Path of Titans flop? We hope not! It looks like it has a ton of potential. There are quite a few features that we really think will help Path of Titans overtake The Isle in some areas, at least. The first of which is Cross-Play!

This game is also what the devs are calling a Massively Multiplayer Online game. Servers can have up to 200 slots. There seems to be a clan system they’re planning on building out too, which is nice! This will allow you to run challenges & events solo, with small groups, or with a much larger, persistent clan for even more coordinated gameplay, tackling the events together!

Cross-Play Compatibility

One thing that we’re really hyped for is the Cross-Play compatibility on Path of Titans! As of right now, they have it available on desktop PCs, Android, and iOS. They hope to add support for consoles like the Xbox One down the road; so let’s hope that they are able to achieve this. Just having support for desktops and Android/iOS mobile devices gives it a pretty huge leg up on similar games (like The Isle).

We feel that Cross-Play at this point is almost required. It allows friends across platforms to play together. If someone has a PC and someone else has an Xbox, it would let them play together; in my opinion, that is more important than getting someone to buy a game twice potentially. If you want to keep your customers coming back for other games in the future; Cross-Play is very much a way to keep their customers happy. We are very glad that the Path of Titans team is doing this.

Deinonychus - Path of Titans
Deinonychus – Path of Titans

Path of Titans supports Modding!

Another amazing feature that the team is planning to add is modding. You’ll be able to add new dinosaurs to the game, new maps, and maybe more things down the road! Games that have officially supported modding is always sweet. There are plenty of games that have lots of modding done without official support; but if a game officially endorses modding, like this game and ARK: Survival Evolved. That gives the game another point in my book.

What we’re really looking forward to are more dinosaurs to play as. They have around 20 different species of dinosaurs planned to be playable at the start. But with modding, that could easily reach double the number of playable dinosaurs!

Spinosaurus - Path of Titans
Spinosaurus – Path of Titans

Quest & Event Systems

The amazingness keeps coming! In addition to Cross-Play & Modding, Path of Titans will also support a full quest system, in which you can earn points to unlock additional skins for your dinosaurs! Kenson is looking forward to running these events, even though he bought the Founders pack of skins to unlock a bunch of skins right off the bat (around 30-40 skins).

Difficult events will occur dynamically on servers, which will reward you with rare skins and other unlockable content. Be sure to keep an eye out for those events if you want to “collect them all!” We have no idea what some of these events will be, but they should be interesting to participate in.

Stegosaurus - Path of Titans
Stegosaurus – Path of Titans

Dino Customization & Multiple Slots!

You may not start out with all alternate/sub-species of different dinosaurs! Participating in events to unlock more customization options for your characters! You’ll be able to change multiple aspects of your dinosaur. In fact, you can pick 5-6 colors on a dino. This ranges from the eyes to the body colors!

They have also added the ability to have multiple dinos on a single server, even multiple of the same species! This adds a very nice aspect to Path of Titans. If you find a server you love (we’re hoping to get our own up!), you can have multiple dinosaurs on that server so you can stick around with that community. Although, only one can be played at a time.

Dino Attributes & Abilities

An additional aspect of the customization of your dinosaurs is the ability to alter your abilities to your play-style. For example, you can reduce your HP and damage in exchange for more stamina and faster movement. You can even swap out one of your bite attacks for a claw attack or tail swipe! This will be very nice since you will never know what people have changed about their dinosaurs so things can be more challenging!


As Path of Titans gets closer to release, you can expect to see us streaming the game more and more as it gets closer to pre-release in September! If you want to see the game in action, consider following us on Twitch; and hitting that notification bell, so you know when we go live! Our schedule is currently 3 days a week (with COVID-19 adding the 4th day in per week while his job is closed down).

What do you think? Can Path of Titans become an game that those in the dinosaur community will talk about often?

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