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Latest Blog Entries

Beasts Of Bermuda – A New Player’s Perspective

[Originally Posted April 29th, 2020]
Beasts of Bermuda is a whole “new” beast in the survival genre. It has a lot of excellent features, though the UI and the way the maps look could be a bit better in our opinion. There is a recode in progress (as of the time of this writing, anyhow) that should be complete in a couple of weeks or so. We will be updating this blog post with our thoughts on how the recode went when we test the game with recordings & streaming. There are elements that we like, which we will go into detail on in this post, as well as some thoughts on improvements. First, will be the User Interface (UI) of the game screen.

UI Differences​

Beasts of Bermuda - UI
The UI of Beasts of Bermuda is decent, to say the least. They could hide some UI elements when they’re not needed, like your giant health gauge. Why does it always need to show when you’re at full health? The icon is so huge and glaring, as well. It would be nice if the shrunk it a little bit, it almost feels like it takes a substantial chunk of your display (which it does).

Meanwhile, The Isle’s UI is cleaner, and you can have the UI elements either stay hidden unless they change (like food, water, health), or keep them static. It feels a lot cleaner, and that’s one element we prefer on The Isle over Beasts of Bermuda. Look at a screenshot below for reference:

Things BoB Can Improve On​

This is one area that Beasts of Bermuda does better than The Isle. We’re not trying to bash on The Isle to improve (although both games are getting recodes ‘soon,’ with Beasts of Bermuda within the next 2-3 weeks from what we hear), but BoB (as the game’s commonly referred too) has a much better nesting system than The Isle. On Beasts of Bermuda, you need both a Male and Female creature to nest and raise young.

Meanwhile, on The Isle, you can create a nest, incubate eggs, and hatch baby dinos by yourself as a lone female. Meanwhile, on BoB you need both genders. The male lays the nest (from what we’ve seen) and the female lays the eggs. Both players must work together to support the young. Requiring both Male and Female creatures is a very nice system, it means you can’t just solo raise young, you have to have someone else to assist you since you can’t do everything on your own. We’re hoping that when The Isle (eventually) releases their recode, they have a similar system for nesting.

Another area that BoB excels in is the Talent system (see image). You can customize your dinos stats through your growth and lifespan to suit your playstyle. For example, you can put your points into survival and speed to stay alive easier, or you can put your points into combat, or even into parenting-related skills. That is a very cool feature. There is also genetics involved in Beasts of Bermuda. If you are a 3rd generation or 4th generation, you can inherit some skills from your parents. This means you can either put fewer points into that skill to reach level 3, or you can put more points into it to reach 5/3 points, for example.

Other Things BoB Can Improve On​

This game isn’t perfect, no game is. There are areas in which the game can improve on, like the UI, mentioned above. Another area of improvement we feel could be beneficial is the map design. Some of the textures aren’t very highly textured (see image), while others are at a good place. The day and night system could also possibly use some tweaking. At night, the sky isn’t pitch black like one map on The Isle, but the ground pieces are exceedingly difficult to see sometimes, like rocks. At one point on our first time playing, we were walking into a rock, because we couldn’t tell that the rock was there.

There is no “night vision” in this game. It isn’t a requirement, but it is a pleasant thing to have. Although, The Isle’s night vision could also use some improvements. One Isle dinosaur (Dilophosaurus) has a 4x better night vision than every single other dinosaur in the game. The range is truly short for other dinosaurs, and bigger dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Giganotosaurus, and Spinosaurus are at a major disadvantage with this.


While Beasts of Bermuda (BoB) is a great game for dinosaur fans, particularly because it includes Pterosaurs and Aquatic life, there are some pretty key areas we hope that either the recode addresses, or will be addressed down the road. We will be sure to update this post as we need too, to give you more correct information if you are considering getting this game as a newer potential player yourself!

That said, if you want another dinosaur game to check out, we do recommend giving Beasts of Bermuda a try. It certainly has potential! Steam does offer a 2-week, 2-hour refund period, after all! Or, you could watch a YouTube Video or Livestream on it to get some ideas for how things go.

Don’t forget to follow our Twitch & YouTube channels to keep up-to-date with all things Mesozoic Haven! Have a rawrsome day!

The Amazing Acrocanthosaurus – Survival & Playstyle Tips

(Originally Posted May 14th, 2020)
[Paid Article Written for Fiverr Client]

Beast of Bermuda’s Acro (Full name: Acrocanthosaurus) is one of the toughest dinos available in BoB. It’s a bit faster than the Icthyovenator, is the highest damaging dinosaur, super high health, and is the biggest of any carnivore in the game. It can hunt Apatosaurus & Parasaurolophus fairly easily on its own and can inflict major bleed on its prey.

Though playing this dinosaur solo is possible, having a pack of friends will prove to be helpful, as you will see in this post. We hope to provide some useful tips & tricks to survive a bit easier than if you didn’t. We hope you find this guide useful to give you some pointers, possibly before even starting to play Acrocanthosaurus itself.

Surviving As Acrocanthosaurus​

New Acro players should focus on survivability & speed talents while growing. Once you are near the adult stage, you can start putting talents into other areas like combat & ability improvements. Since T-Rex’s can run faster than an Acro, you need to be able to outrun them to survive! We recommend waiting to level “Intimidation Roar” later after you put skills into Survival, Speed, & combat. This will help you to survive a bit more easily against other players.

One thing players often overlook when playing Acro, is that you have a fast metabolism. You should always keep a lookout for food because of this. You shouldn’t stay in one place for too long. Experienced players can fell even other large creatures like T-Rex, Apatosaurus, or others; as long as your prey is unable to recover and getaway.

Stats & Negatives​

Acro also has the highest health and size in-game. Don’t let this fool you though! Even when your fully grown, while having the highest health and size, you can still die to T-Rex or even a good group of Velociraptors. It’s recommended to focus on speed, then survival, then combat skills.

The Acrocanthosaurus in Beasts of Bermuda has a very slight jump available. It isn’t very useful. It’s mainly used to get unstuck off of rocks or small ledges. It does cost a significant amount of your stamina to use this jump. Acro’s are also weak to intense weather since they have a low resistance to it. They are apparently also the cause of some of the severe weather in-game (Apex/Tyrants).


Tips For Surviving​

The best way to learn this dinosaur in Beasts of Bermuda is to play it with friends. If you have a friend who’s familiar with the game, ask them to teach you their ways of playing said dinos! If you want to join a community with people who play Dinosaur games, join our community!

Our community has a few BoB players that could help out, but we hope that this tips guide has been useful to you in giving you some starting tips on playing the Acro. It is one of the most powerful creatures in BoB, if you can survive to adulthood, and apply our tips, you should be able to survive much easier as an Acrocanthosaurus. This doesn’t guarantee your survival, though, the experience will.

Acrocanthosaurus & Bleeding​

Acrocanthosaurus’ bleeding mechanic won’t completely bleed out a target until it dies, it just prevents recovery if they do not rest. You will need to keep the pressure on the target to prevent them from hiding & healing up. It is most effective on larger/slower prey like Saichania or Apatosaurus. This essentially prevents them from running off and hiding and surviving another day.

Larger and slower prey are more likely to stand their ground, so be prepared for that. Having a pack of Acros helps significantly. One or two Acros deal the damage, while the others distract and keep the intimidating roars and bleed to bring down other dinos for your pack’s food.


Beast of Bermuda’s Acro is a fun dinosaur to play. It can be tough to survive as, as well as against. If you are wanting an interesting challenge, we recommend giving Acrocanthosaurus a try! You may end up enjoying it. There are many other dinosaurs you can play as in Beasts of Bermuda, though. These include the Velociraptor and Icthyovenator. Keep an eye out on our blog for more articles on this game, and others!

We Need To Talk About ARK Balancing Issues Of PvP And PvE

(Originally Posted April 2, 2020)
ARK balancing systems needs to be improved, that much is sure. ARK is an amazing game with flaws. Let’s get that out of the way. If you’re looking for a dinosaur survival game, ARK is one of your best bets. It has dinosaurs, survival, bosses, and large open maps. All of those things are essential for exploring and playing a survival game. But the balance of the game is geared towards PvP, with a little afterthought for PvE players/servers.

Things ARK Balancing Is Good At​

ARK does have some balanced areas, like limiting the number of turrets in an area for base defense. It allows people to know there will be no more than that. For those of you who can handle ARK’s PvP, all the more to you! ARK’s PvP is decent, but when a game codes its entire codebase focused around PvP, and seemingly forgets about the PvE crowd, that is where they’re overstepping their bounds, in our opinion.

Things should be balanced towards both types of game-modes, mods like Classic Flyers. This leads us to our second point on ARK’s method of ‘balancing.’

Things ARK Balancing Is Bad At​

Studio Wildcard doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the other half of their game’s crowd though. Players like KensonPlays and other classicflyers-150x150.jpg PvE players have to install multiple mods on their servers usually to get the game to feel more balanced. You shouldn’t be required to install extra mods (like Classic Flyers) just to make the game feel balanced. That is not a good game design practice.

If some of the Jurassic Kingdoms community members were part of Studio Wildcard, or on a team that helps keep the game fair, we would be aiming to have different balancing code for both PvP and PvE.

The ARK Community Wants Fair Gameplay​

I’m sure we speak for most of the ARK community when we say, we want a fair and balanced game. We need to have a better-managed ARK balancing system, please Studio Wildcard! This could simply be a setting that gets changed if you put the server on PvPvE or PvE modes (as is common with unofficial servers), which allows fliers to have their speed stat improved again, so we wouldn’t need a mod to perform this action.

We’re sure this wouldn’t be a difficult thing to implement, or simply have it as a server .ini configuration setting to enable flier speed without the need for mods. By adding this, you can please a lot more communities on ARK, and possibly keep the game alive longer with keeping a way to have both PvE and PvP crowds pleased at the same time.

What The ARK Community Says​

There have been many posts over the years between the Steam discussion boards, the official forums, Reddit, and more. Many, many people over the years have been complaining about ARK balancing issues. They feel that Studio Wildcard really needs to get up and fix these glaring issues with their PvE community since that’s another whole giant part of their game.

ARK Balancing tweaks could be as simple as changing the way flyers work between PvP and PvE, and slightly changing some dinosaur abilities between PvP and PvE. For example, Managarmr’s are almost useless in PvE due to their balancing for PvP. Flyers being unable to use a speed stat makes certain fliers useless in PvE. Unless you need a flying base, Quetzals aren’t worth taming; and it’s much smarter to tame something like an Argentavis instead.


While ARK: Survival Evolved is a fun game, it definitely needs some major improvements in the area of game balancing between all the game modes, like PvP, PvE, and PvPvE (where in general it’s mostly PVE with consensual PvP fights between 2 agreed upon tribes is commonly done).

The Jurassic Kingdoms community does have a Steam ARK server running on Valguero! It is a PvPvE server, with a primary focus on PvE, and PvP is allowed between parties if they both agree on it. To join, you need to subscribe to Kenson on Twitch. We try to keep ‘ARK balancing’ our server to keep things fair to everyone!

What things would YOU improve on with ARK, if you were developing the game?

Dinotastic Dinosaur Game Updates

(Originally Posted May 17th, 2020)
There’s been a big ‘dinotastic’ shift in the Dinosaur Game universe today! We’ve had not just one, but multiple major updates either announced in the dino gaming space! Among these are the games Path of Titans, The Isle, and Beasts of Bermuda. These may all be dinosaur survival games, but they’re all fairly well known in this space. Let’s get on with what’s included in these updates. We’ll start with Beasts of Bermuda.

Beasts Of Bermuda Overhaul

We’ll start with the more important aspects of this update. Optimizations and Bug fixes are key to any game’s success, in addition to new features. This update is no downer in this regard. They’ve optimized structure replication for players that aren’t relevant. The team has also disabled forcing Anti-Aliasing on low-end PC’s. This includes disabling texture-streaming on UI icons so they don’t show blurry, and their size has been adjusted so they’re not more costly than they should.

If you are running on a lower-specced PC, you can rejoice! The game should run smoother for you after these optimizations. They’ve also addressed textures sizing issues, which means that less memory is in use now. Certain textures that were far too large were corrected. Rewriting the skin system has also been completed. Skins are now cached client-side, which should also help with performance.

They’ve also patched bugs, including being no longer able to access the Talent menu while you’re in an egg, thereby influencing the inherits after hatching. If you are playing Velociraptor, your camera will no longer go into the object your climbing on. Teleporters on Rival Shores no longer place you in the air, but on the ground. This will help prevent fall damage-related deaths. There are quite a few more bug fixes, but these are what jumped out at us.

There have also been balancing mechanic updates. Eggs can no longer drown, and hatchlings now auto-join groups properly after hatching, as long as it does not break hard-coded group limits. Eggs also now belong to the group, not the specific parent. The new grouping implementation should reduce network traffic and CPU usage server-side. Picking up creatures or eggs will also now prioritize possessed eggs over unpossessed. You can also now group invite players by pressing the use key once while looking at a nearby player. Pteranodons Sturdy talent has now been replaced with Stoic.

As for maps, they’ve optimized some assets on various areas of the maps and redid the lighting setup on Rival Shores. They’ve added “Beach Shells” as an omnivorous food source, with an aquatic preference. Cactus on Rival Shores can now be eaten, and give a slight negative comfort when eaten (while Botanists reduces this effect), and give a little bit of water when eaten.

The Beasts of Bermuda team has also introduced Save Slots, with a maximum of 6 per server. Old save files are no longer compatible with this patch, so servers are likely to wipe all saved player files. You will likely have to start all over. Sorry! If a creature dies, it will still exist on your save profile, at least. There is a new command server admins can use “ResurrectPlayer” – But admins are not allowed to sell or exchange for points systems. The developers specifically forbid this.

The Isle – Envirma Update

They have finally announced an update for the overhaul recode for The Isle, codenamed Envirma! The tentative date is June 14th-20th, which is about 1 month from the publication date of this post. Some of the new features coming with this update are a complete overhaul of the game’s code, so you will lose your dinosaurs, unfortunately. Some of the core game mechanics have been significantly changed, as well. These will be detailed below.

Bleeding no longer causes health damage, but will cause you to lose your stamina instead, depending on your bleed level. There is a new “Venom” skill that Troodons & Dilophosaurus’ can make use of, that lets you track your prey down. Body collisions are now a thing, which means that you won’t be able to lay inside another player now, unfortunately.

Pouncing is also being reintroduced, with dinos like the Utahraptor. Biting through walls & trees will no longer be possible, as well. Corpses are now partially draggable. This means you can take off a chunk of a corpse and walk around with it. This will be especially helpful for nesting in young carnivores that may be too old for eating off the nest, and too young to hunt on their own yet. Herbivores can now graze (up to ~80% food)! You are able to gain very small amounts of food by eating grass. Corpses decay, or can be eaten until only your bones lie there, so you can see your place of death more often!

New Dinosaurs!

There will be a total of 14 new dinos (in addition to the ones that are currently in the game) that will come with the recode (or soon after). The dinos are as follows:

  • Troodon (playable)
  • Compsognathus (playable/AI)
  • Monolophosaurus (playable)
  • Beipiaosaurus (playable)
  • Oviraptor (playable)
  • Hypsilophodon (playable)
  • Tenontosaurus (playable)
  • Magyarosaurus (playable)
  • Kentrosaurus (playable)
  • Homalocephale (playable/AI)
  • Minmi (playable/AI)
  • Protoceratops (playable)
  • Pteranodon (playable)
  • Deinosuchus (playable)
That is in addition to most dinos being unplayable at first, but will very shortly be reintroduced. This means that only Utahraptor and Tenontosaurus will be playable at first, with others being added back in very shortly thereafter. Most, if not all dinosaurs will also have major stat changes, have their maximum sizes increased (like the Rex being as big as Sue). Juvies are also getting unique animations, so they’re faster. Currently, they just use the same adult animations.

Misc Updates

Other dinos (including the new ones) will have new animations and sounds. Herbivores will have more food options, which will make surviving as them easier! The new map, Isla Spero (Hope) is also 4 times bigger than v3 (which will no longer exist once the new map is out). Hopefully this means Herbivores will be able to survive a bit easier!

Seamless growth is being introduced, no more need for a “Grow” button anymore. You will just keep growing until you hit the adult stage! They also are improving CPU and Bandwidth usage, which will have performance improvements for all! Spamming nest invites will be gone (Thankfully!) due to an improvement to the feature, not through a global invite.

A new combat system is in the works, but only Dondi knows when it will be coming out, unfortunately. Modding will come later on, since the code will still be changing fairly frequently. Once the game is at a 1.0 stage (when they announce it), you can create all the mods you want (including say, Hypo Herbivores). The “Hope” map will, according to Dondi: “Our fully aquatic (marine) animals are more likely to make an appearance.”

Path Of Titans Coming Along Nicely

One of our favorite games, Path Of Titans, is coming along nicely with the last few patches. Some of the things included in these last few updates include playable Spinosaurus in Multiplayer (of which I love the 3 different sub-species choices!); new maps, and modding support is being worked on! Havens & Waystones are also very close to being usable, by the looks of things, as well.

There will be a total of 15 havens around Panjura (Path of Titan’s map name). This gives small dinosaurs plenty of areas to choose from and explore in relative safety. Each haven is unique; some are in plateaus and some are in gullies. You need to jump across large gaps like ravines to get to some, and some are only accessible by crawling through a small cave.

Waystones are located in each corner of the map, and one in a central location, which can serve as points of interest, meeting points for you and your friends, and more. Each Waystone has a unique feel to make them distinct from one another. One feels like a swamp, one like a grassy sinkhole, another is a cavernous ravine, and another is an island rock! There is also one that’s on a rocky plateau.

The team feels like the map is very close to completion. They feel the map is “Good enough,” but they want to make it even better yet. They’re going to be starting a second pass over all tiles in Panjura soon. Since all Havens & Waystones are completed now, the second pass should be starting soon! Bringing even more detail to areas that were left relatively untouched in the first pass. This will make a more interesting, rich, and exciting environment to explore!


There are many things to look forward too soon in the dinosaur gaming space! We feel this is just the start of a whole new trend of dinosaur-related games. And we are excited to see what comes out of all of this. Keep an eye out on our blog for more dinosaur-related information for all of you to read! If you want to join our community, please feel free to do so! We’re excited to have you join us! If you want to see gameplay of these games, check out KensonPlays on Twitch!

Spinosaurus – Amazing Piscivorous Predator of the Early Cretaceous

(Originally Posted June 20th, 2020)

The Spinosaurus, also known as simply as Spino, was a carnivore that did not live at the same time as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, another well-known Carnivore in the Mesozoic era. It got most of it’s “fame” from the third Jurassic Park movie and various books over the decades. At least, that’s when the public started knowing more about it. It lived in the early Cretaceous, whereas the T-Rex lived in the Late Cretaceous. They very likely never met, as it was a very long period of time between them.

The Spinosaurus lived in Northern Africa, whereas the T-Rex lived in North America. Although the Earth at the time was more of a singular landmass, rather than multiple separate continents. The Spino was discovered by fossil-hunter Richard Markgraf & German paleontologist Ernst Stromer back in 1915.

Due to World War 1, the Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus (the ‘first’ Spinosaurus fossil) became a casualty of war. The original fossils were destroyed in a British bombing raid in 1944. Fortunately, Ernst Stromer had left detailed drawings and multiple photographs, so the ‘type’ remains available for analysis.

Size & Stature

The Spinosaurus was among the largest of all known carnivorous and piscivorous dinosaurs. It was larger than the T-Rex size-wise (though the T-Rex was larger in weight!). Various estimates suggest that the Spino ranged from around 41 – 59 ft (12.6 to 18 Metres), and was around 7 Tonnes (Some games like The Isle have Spinos as 9 Tons, which is a bit much in our opinion).

Its jaw was similar to that of a modern-day crocodilian. It had more useful arms than the T-Rex, being able to use them to help grab fish for its meals. The Spinosaurus’ tail, as recently discovered in 2020, has a more paddle-like design to it. Their forearms had an enlarged claw on the first digit, which helped it to hold its prey.

Like most theropods, it was originally thought to have stood up with its tail near the ground. But as science has advanced, both the Spinosaurus and other theropods like the T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, and others were discovered to have had a more horizontal stance instead of a vertical stance.

Spinosaurus - Path of Titans Coral Spino

What’s With The Sail?

The sail is an interesting aspect of the Spinosaurus. Some people may feel that it looks a bit odd, but it helped it to navigate lakes, oceans, and deep rivers with ease. This, along with its paddle-like tail, helped it be more agile in the water. It was bulky, so its swim speed may not have been the best, but it was able to quickly turn and bend to catch up to prey more easily.

Some theories say that the sail of the Spino may be what drew a female Spinosaurus to a male for mating purposes. It is said that the larger & more prominent the sail, the more favorable by females during the mating season. Stromer also speculated that the size of the neural spines may have differed in size between different genders. If you think of the Spinosaurus’ sail like a Peacock’s tail; you may consider that the males with the flashier tails are more attractive to females.

Another theory is it helped with maintaining their internal body temperature. During the day, it’s said to have absorbed the sun, and this helped perk up their metabolism, and at night, would have radiated excess heat. This theory came to be due to the Dimetrodon may have used it in this manner. The issue with this though is that evidence points to theropods benign warm-blooded (endothermic). The more primitive Dimetrodon though was Ectothermic (cold-blooded).

A third theory was that it was used for navigation. This theory does make sense due to the new records, with its ‘new’ tail design. Due to this, it would have helped it with swimming due to its semi-aquatic lifestyle. This theory seems more likely, to us at least.

The final theory is that it helped with survival. This theory states that it was more like a camel’s hump. It may have stored fat reserves it could draw upon. But this would mean another complete redesign of its sail, and a major overhaul in books, TV, and Movies. The trouble with this is that the Spinosaurus lived in the wet and humid forests of early-mid Cretaceous Africa.

The odds are that multiple of these theories were true. It may have been used for navigation, survival, and mating. Until more fossils are discovered, we may never fully understand how the Spinosaurus’ sail was used in their day-to-day lives.

Aquatic Life

Since the Spinosaurus is a Semi-aquatic dinosaur, it likely spent a good amount of time in or near water. Their sail and tail were critical for them to easily navigate the water due to their size. Its paddle-like tail, sail, and webbed feet must have helped them with swimming in their daily life. With these three aspects of their body shape, it indicates that it could swim in a similar manner to other crocodilians.

They were likely very superb swimmers. They were not fully-aquatic, like the Mosasaurus or Plesiosaurus, but they were in the water fairly often, which required them to have the body shape that they had during their entire lifespan.


The spinosaurus is indeed an amazing dinosaur. Although they have had a lot of body changes over the years, their overall shape and design have pretty much stuck to be the same. The new spinosaurus tail design does feel legitimate and flows well in with the rest of their body design. Let us know in the comments what your favorite parts of the Spinosaurus are!

Thank you for your time, don’t forget to Like, Subscribe, and hit that notification bell so you know when we post our next video! Catch our streams on Twitch for dinosaur gaming content weekly as well! Have a rawrsome day, and we’ll see you next time in the Mesozoic Haven! Feel free to join our Discord as well!

Path of Titans - A New Dinosaur Survival Game for Everyone?

(Originally Posted March 29th, 2020)
So there’s this new dinosaur survival game being developed, that has a similar feel in some areas to The Isle, a dino survival game I really enjoy. As with all early access titles, there’s a ton of potential for the game to be a huge success, but there will always be a chance that it will flop. Will Path of Titans flop? We hope not! It looks like it has a ton of potential. There are quite a few features that we really think will help Path of Titans overtake The Isle in some areas, at least. The first of which is Cross-Play!

This game is also what the devs are calling a Massively Multiplayer Online game. Servers can have up to 200 slots. There seems to be a clan system they’re planning on building out too, which is nice! This will allow you to run challenges & events solo, with small groups, or with a much larger, persistent clan for even more coordinated gameplay, tackling the events together!

Cross-Play Compatibility​

One thing that we’re really hyped for is the Cross-Play compatibility on Path of Titans! As of right now, they have it available on desktop PCs, Android, and iOS. They hope to add support for consoles like the Xbox One down the road; so let’s hope that they are able to achieve this. Just having support for desktops and Android/iOS mobile devices gives it a pretty huge leg up on similar games (like The Isle).

We feel that Cross-Play at this point is almost required. It allows friends across platforms to play together. If someone has a PC and someone else has an Xbox, it would let them play together; in my opinion, that is more important than getting someone to buy a game twice potentially. If you want to keep your customers coming back for other games in the future; Cross-Play is very much a way to keep their customers happy. We are very glad that the Path of Titans team is doing this.

Path of Titans supports Modding!​

Another amazing feature that the team is planning to add is modding. You’ll be able to add new dinosaurs to the game, new maps, and maybe more things down the road! Games that have officially supported modding is always sweet. There are plenty of games that have lots of modding done without official support; but if a game officially endorses modding, like this game and ARK: Survival Evolved. That gives the game another point in my book.

What we’re really looking forward to are more dinosaurs to play as. They have around 20 different species of dinosaurs planned to be playable at the start. But with modding, that could easily reach double the number of playable dinosaurs!

Quest & Event Systems​

The amazingness keeps coming! In addition to Cross-Play & Modding, Path of Titans will also support a full quest system, in which you can earn points to unlock additional skins for your dinosaurs! Kenson is looking forward to running these events, even though he bought the Founders pack of skins to unlock a bunch of skins right off the bat (around 30-40 skins).

Difficult events will occur dynamically on servers, which will reward you with rare skins and other unlockable content. Be sure to keep an eye out for those events if you want to “collect them all!” We have no idea what some of these events will be, but they should be interesting to participate in.

Dino Customization & Multiple Slots!​

You may not start out with all alternate/sub-species of different dinosaurs! Participating in events to unlock more customization options for your characters! You’ll be able to change multiple aspects of your dinosaur. In fact, you can pick 5-6 colors on a dino. This ranges from the eyes to the body colors!

They have also added the ability to have multiple dinos on a single server, even multiple of the same species! This adds a very nice aspect to Path of Titans. If you find a server you love (we’re hoping to get our own up!), you can have multiple dinosaurs on that server so you can stick around with that community. Although, only one can be played at a time.

Update Oct 11, 2020: They plan on allowing players to have one of every official dinosaur on release! Modded-in dinos, maybe not.

Dino Attributes & Abilities​

An additional aspect of the customization of your dinosaurs is the ability to alter your abilities to your play-style. For example, you can reduce your HP and damage in exchange for more stamina and faster movement. You can even swap out one of your bite attacks for a claw attack or tail swipe! This will be very nice since you will never know what people have changed about their dinosaurs so things can be more challenging!


As Path of Titans gets closer to release, you can expect to see us streaming the game more and more as it gets closer to pre-release in September! If you want to see the game in action, consider following us on Twitch; and hitting that notification bell, so you know when we go live! Our schedule is currently 3 days a week (with COVID-19 adding the 4th day in per week while his job is closed down).
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