ARK Survival Ascended & UE5

ARK Survival Ascended & UE5: Match Made in Gaming Heaven?

What Is ARK Survival Ascended About? ARK: Survival Ascended is a dinosaur survival simulator that pits you in large open worlds, surviving against the elements and many creatures roaming the world. You can learn more about ARK in our review post for more information and detail. There has been confirmation…

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Herrerasaurus Post Thumb

Herrerasaurus – A Potentially Fast Runner

Herrerasaurus – Discovery & What Is Known About It? Discovering the Herrerasaurus The Herrera (a short form of its name) is a smaller theropod, believed to be a Carnosaur at first, but then was debated over a 30-year period afterward. The dinosaur was originally discovered over fragmentary remains, with many…

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