New World - A Buggy Mess That Needs Fixing

Amazon’s new game, New World, might be “the new MMO on the block,” but it needs a lot of fixing still before it becomes a truly good MMO. They’ve had multiple spots of issues with duplication exploits, and their resolution for the first couple of major ones was to completely shut down all economy-related aspects of the game. The economy is an important aspect of an MMO, so it felt like there wasn’t much to do in-game until they fixed the first couple of exploits and re-enabled the economy.

As of recent though, they did come to a better compromise. Furniture was being duplicated (which includes buffing trophies) so they prevented dropping, putting into storage, or putting furniture up for sale on the Trading Centers. Thankfully that still allowed buying other materials, gear, ingredients, and more.

Don’t get me wrong, New World is a fun game (for me, it is the PVE aspect, and playing with friends) to play, despite its bugs . . . but it needs a lot of fixing before I can truly enjoy it.

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Things I Like About New World

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Despite the bugs in New World that exist to this day, 2 months or so later . . . New World does have some nice and fun things about it compared to other MMOs. It doesn’t have a specific class system, so you can respec your character whenever you want (with a gold/Azoth fee for char/weapons) to change to what’s needed at the time, like for a role in a dungeon.

Or you could, like me, dump all attributes from leveling into Constitution to increase your HP, and get armor/weapons that increase your other attributes. Like for a Tank role, you could get gear/weapons that increase your strength so you can use your Sword ‘n Shield & secondary. Then you could switch to another set of gear/weapons that put all your skills into Focus for a healing build without having to respec your character.

I don’t play healer myself since I personally don’t use magic elements in games. It’s near impossible to avoid games that have some element of magic from the computer enemies or other players, though. Not much I can do there; so I just don’t use a healing build myself and focus on Tanking damage for the team primarily, with a secondary of DPS for my second choice of role.

Things I Don't Like About New World

Then there are the things I don’t like about New World, which give the game a more of a negative opinion of the game to me (hence, my Steam Review on the game). This game needs some major work before I consider it a good game. For one, they need more content. I know, its a new game, but still, from what my level 60 friends tell me, there isn’t much to do once you hit level 60 besides crafting and running the same dungeons, elite routes, and more.

It gets repetitive for them, according to my friends. I’m not quite to level 60 myself (level 47/48 as of this post), but I’m already starting to get bored of repetitive stuff. It’s very likely I’ll take a break from this game for a while until they fix the major, glaring bugs and add a major DLC patch so there’s more to do post level 60 (the current endgame).

Final Thoughts (for Now)

Because of the repetitive nature of the game’s current state, I’ll likely slow down my times streaming it for when new features/bugfixes arrive to see if it actually fixes the game. You can expect me to get back to streaming more games like Path of Titans, Beasts of Bermuda, and the like now. Hopefully, we’ll have our paid subscriber ARK server up soon! We’re just waiting on the Lost Island map to release in December. So if you want to join in our private ARK server, you’ll need to subscribe via one of the various methods we have available (Patreon, Ko-fi, Trovo, Mee6 on Discord) in order to join.