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How To Train Your Dragon is an Amazing Series For All!

Where do I start? The How To Train Your Dragon (shortened to HTTYD) franchise is a great universe of movies and a TV series for families to all enjoy together. Currently, it’s a possible replacement favorite franchise for me, possibly taking the place of Jurassic Park. I seem to rewatch the HTTYD franchise more often than Jurassic Park(/World) these last few years.

Be warned, there may be some minor spoilers here and there, mostly in relation to the TV series.

What I love the most about How To Train Your Dragon is that the universe is so in-depth. There are many species of dragons, each with its own abilities, classes, personalities, and more. If you haven’t seen any of the movies or the TV series, I recommend watching the first movie first, then the TV series “Race To The Edge,” then the second and third movies. The TV series takes place in between the first two movies, and if you watched the movies then the TV show, you might be confused about certain things.

Spoiler Warning: The TV show still has Hiccup’s dad alive, whereas, in the second movie, he doesn’t make it, so if you watched the second movie, then the TV show after, you might be initially confused as to why ‘he’s still alive.’

What I Love About HTTYD​

How To Train Your Dragon - Movie Poster
How To Train Your Dragon is a wonderful universe if you like dragons. It has a wide variety of species of dragons, which I love. There are at least 85 species of dragons in the lore. Not all are shown in movies or TV series. But just think . . . 85 species of dragons in the universe. There’s so much potential for more movies or TV shows down the road with new characters. Although personally, the original movies and Race to The Edge will most likely always be my favorite as they’re what got me into the franchise in the first place.

The expansive universe, the many, many species of dragons, and how they make me feel, are all things that make me love the franchise. In all 3 movies, there are moments I start tearing up and almost crying when they happen. I won’t say specifically in this post what they are, since I want this post to be minimal spoilers. If you want more details on what I like about each movie, I’ll be working on a blog post for each individual movie and the TV series as a whole (maybe split into two posts for like 3 seasons each or something).

What I Don't Like About HTTYD​

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - Movie Poster
Now, there are a few things, though not many, that I don’t really like about HTTYD. Some parts of the sequels are meh, while other parts are great. As a lot of people say, the third and final movie was a mixed bag. It did have a nice wrap-up to the end of it, which I will get to in the blog post dedicated to The Hidden World.

Then there are some very minor inconsistencies, which happen in almost every single universe created around a book, a movie, or the like. There aren’t many, which I don’t want to give out specifically in this post, but I will likely mention them in the movie and TV show-specific posts, mentioning what they are between the other parts of the HTTYD franchise.

Future of How To Train Your Dragon Franchise​

I hope that in the future, more movies and TV shows can be made, perhaps with new characters to explore the huge universe HTTYD has. This will allow for a huge variety of content for people to enjoy. I would not be surprised if more content is being developed or planned right now even.

I will probably write some posts here and there relating to the series, but as a whole, unless they make another movie or TV series, the franchise is at an end in terms of new content, so there’s going to be a limit at some point of how much we can write about the HTTYD franchise. If you want to discuss How To Train Your Dragon, feel free to ask me on-stream or in our Discord!


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