Paid Sub Perks

So, you want to help support and keep our community & its game servers alive? We’re very grateful that you’re considering helping us with our expenses! It is costly to run game servers that have lag-free gameplay! You can play on our servers for free, but depending on which server you’re on, different perks apply based on what the game developer’s TOS allows us to offer.

Current Server Expenses: $36-37/MO

As you can see, it’s fairly expensive for just 3 clustered 10-slot ARK servers! Any support is appreciated to help offset these costs. There are multiple ways you can help. Monthly subscriptions via Guilded Server Subs or Patreon; or one-time donations on Kenson or Cupara‘s streams.

Path of Titans Perks

The Alderon Games team is very strict, and unfortunately does not allow us to offer many features, while not getting de-listed from the in-game server menu. We can only offer cosmetic perks, or a completely, 100% private server for paid perks. This includes:

  • $5-10-15/mo | Custom Name Color (per role, can’t be per user)
  • $5-10-15/mo | Visual perma-wounds (since its purely cosmetic. If you change skin, or die and respawn, you lose wound)
  • $15/mo sub | Early access to new perks when TOS changes allow us to!

ARK Cluster Perks

Thankfully, Studio Wildcard is MUCH more lax with what we can offer our subs, so we offer the following:

  • $5/mo sub | 1.5x currency rate; sub-only “Supply Drop”
  • $10/mo sub | 2x currency rate; sub-only “Supply Drop”
  • $15+/mo sub | 3x currency rate; sub-only “Supply Drop” & priority access to new perks!

Other Server Perks

We are not currently running any other servers at the moment. But if we do, paid subs do get early access to any perks before free players!

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