Our Partners

These companies and communities have partnered with Mesozoic Haven to provide fun and useful things for our community to benefit from at no extra cost to you!

McProHosting is providing our Modded Minecraft & ARK Survival servers! If your interested in your own ARK, Minecraft, GMod, CS:GO, or other server; click the image above to help our community out at no additional cost to you!

Buy great games, software, books, and bundles here at Humble Bundle. Part of your purchase goes to charity, and part of it goes to Mesozoic Haven! All at no additional cost to you.

Our Affiliates

These lovely people are affiliated with us, providing a mutually beneficial connection between each other. They are game-servers and communities that Kenson streams on often, or ones that he approves of.

Eden Isle is an super friendly The Isle server. The staff are very friendly; the members are kind (as long as you watch out for those who love hunting in the wilds!); and there are rare instances of Safezone issues (mostly newbies). Come on in, join the fun! We won’t bite . . . MUCH!

Want to Sponsor/Affiliate With us?

We are always looking for amazing services and communities to partner up with! If you are interested in doing so, please contact Kenson directly with your opportunity.

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