ARK Survival Cluster – 10 slot/ea

We have a semi-public ARK cluster up and running for our community! To join our ARK servers, you will need to join our Guilded server to get the password for the cluster! This helps keep the ARK server, with limited building space, available to active members of our community! Our cluster runs the following maps:

Ark crystal isles - ark
Crystal Isles
Ark lost island - ark
Lost Island
Ark - ark

Required Mods

  • ARK Additions: The Collection!

  • Paleo ARK: Legends Expansion

  • Ultra Stacks

  • Castles, Keeps & Forts Remastered
        • CKFR: Science Fiction Addon

    • eco’s Primordial Decor

    • Awesome Spyglass

    • Stargate Evolution 1

    • Dino Storage v2

    • FrogMacs Kibble Station

    • Death Recovery Mod (v1.13)

    • Structures Plus (S+)

    • Automated ARK 3 CORE (plus the add-ons below)
          • Automation

          • Baby Management

          • Gardening

          • Raiding Helpers

          • Power Generation

          • Kitchen Appliances

      • MX-E Shopsystem

      Once you have the mods installed, make sure you have whatever maps you want to join downloaded, then you should be all set to get into the server! Just remember to type in the password every time you load into the game or transfer between maps.

        Base Limitations

        We only allow each player to have one base, on one map at a time. This allows other players to have possible base locations as well! You can use the Community Base on each server to do things on your non-home map.

        Once you pick your map & base location, let us know on the Guilded server in the media gallery where you’ve claimed your base! That way, others will know what areas are claimed.

        Thanks in advance!

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