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  1. Dinodex Utahraptor

    Dinodex Utahraptor

  2. Dinodex Carnotaurus

    Dinodex Carnotaurus

  3. Dinodex Megalosaurus

    Dinodex Megalosaurus

  4. Dinodex Deinonychus

    Dinodex Deinonychus

  5. Dinodex Dilophosaurus

    Dinodex Dilophosaurus

  6. Dinodex Compsognathus

    Dinodex Compsognathus

  7. Dinodex Archaeopteryx

    Dinodex Archaeopteryx

  8. Dinodex Velociraptor

    Dinodex Velociraptor

  9. Dinodex T. Rex

    Dinodex T. Rex

  10. Dinodex Coelophysis

    Dinodex Coelophysis

  11. Dinodex Allosaurus

    Dinodex Allosaurus

  12. Herrerasaurus - A Potentially Fast Runner

    Herrerasaurus - A Potentially Fast Runner

    Quick Facts Name: Herrera's Lizard Period: Late Triassic Diet: Carnivore, small/med herbivores Size: 6m (20 ft) Weight: 350kg (770 lb) Quick Bio The Herrerasaurus was first discovered by a paleontologist & rancher in 1958, in South America. Its name means, simply, "Herrera's Lizard." There...