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community server

  1. kensonplays

    ❕ Read First How To Join & Server Details

    Welcome, survivor! As the newest survivor in our ARK server, you will need to get a hold of either @kensonplays or @Cupara and we can add you to the allowlist, which will update upon the next automatic server restart. In order for us to add you, you will need to find your Steam64ID. There are a...
  2. kensonplays

    Community Game-servers

    We have, and will have, a mix of Public and Private game servers for our community to play on! Some games make more sense to have them as private subscriber servers (like ARK Survival Evolved. with limited building space available), and others are public (like Minecraft with an ‘infinite’...
  3. My Thoughts on the Path of Titans Growth System

    My Thoughts on the Path of Titans Growth System

    The Path of Titan's growth system is unique, that's for sure. On official servers, you have to do quests to get growth, and if you die, you lose a section of growth, instead of losing your dinosaur completely, which is nice. Though a lot of people seem to think the POT growth system is 'not a...
  4. Path of Titans Server – Up And Running!

    Path of Titans Server – Up And Running!

    We wanted to update you all, that a couple of days ago, we got our Path of Titans server up and running! We are running on the Teutonia map, with the Acro, Giga, & Shatungosaurus dino mods. We’ve also partnered up with the Eden Isle community with their PoT server running on Panjura! This means...
  5. ARK Server – Up And Running!

    ARK Server – Up And Running!

    Edit: Our ARK Server is temporarily offline. We have it backed up, and will restore it as soon as we can! Check this post later to see when it’s back up! We now have our ARK server up and running, sponsored thanks to our community member ThatsAsh! Be sure to thank them for providing the server...