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  1. Corny In A Box

    Corny In A Box

    Corny, laying in a box. Even 3-4 days after this picture was taken, it isn't shredded up and looks just fine!
  2. Corny Asking "Why You Have To Go?"

    Corny Asking "Why You Have To Go?"

    I was going on a weekend trip with my mom and grandma, so corny was alone most of the day. Thankfully, my dad stopped by to keep him company for a few hours on both days I was gone.
  3. Corny Sleeping

    Corny Sleeping

    This was pretty recently after I got him, and he was getting comfy with me. He hid under the bed for the first couple days, behind those storage boxes.
  4. Corny And I

    Corny And I

    Corny, my newest kitty! He has 3 legs, and is a loving, SPEEEEDY cat!