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  1. Jurassic Park Got It Wrong

    Jurassic Park Got It Wrong

    Credit ago_comics on Instgram (account seems to be down)
  2. GameNews

    📰 DinoFossilHunter Raptor DLC now available!

    Hello, Fossil Hunters! Even though we’re still one day away from the previously announced date, we’ve decided to surprise you and release Raptor DLC a bit earlier. 🦖 Raptor DLC is already available on Steam! This DLC brings a brand new Utharaptor ostrommaysi skeleton to Dinosaur...
  3. GameNews

    📰 DinoFossilHunter Raptor DLC coming on December 21!

    Fossil Hunters! We’re happy to announce that Raptor DLC is coming to Steam on December 21! Raptor DLC adds a new dino skeleton for you to assemble in Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – skeleton of Utahraptor ostrommaysi! The Raptor DLC will include: new Dinosaur species: Utahraptor ostrommaysi...
  4. GameNews

    📰 DinoFossilHunter Raptor DLC

    We're not slowing down, Fossil Hunters! With Patch v2.2 already released and Designer DLC's release coming later today, we're ready to tell you that brand new dinosaur is in the works. Raptor dinosaur is coming to Dinosaur Fossil Hunter! The Raptor DLC will include: new Dinosaur species...
  5. Dinodex Utahraptor

    Dinodex Utahraptor

  6. Dinodex Velociraptor

    Dinodex Velociraptor