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  1. Corny In A Box

    Corny In A Box

    Corny, laying in a box. Even 3-4 days after this picture was taken, it isn't shredded up and looks just fine!
  2. Corny Asking "Why You Have To Go?"

    Corny Asking "Why You Have To Go?"

    I was going on a weekend trip with my mom and grandma, so corny was alone most of the day. Thankfully, my dad stopped by to keep him company for a few hours on both days I was gone.
  3. Cinders (OG) My First Cat

    Cinders (OG) My First Cat

    This is my very first cat. I miss her greatly. I had her for ~15 years, and she helped me through so many difficult patches of my life, like losing multiple family members. May she rest in piece.
  4. Corny Sleeping

    Corny Sleeping

    This was pretty recently after I got him, and he was getting comfy with me. He hid under the bed for the first couple days, behind those storage boxes.
  5. Corny And I

    Corny And I

    Corny, my newest kitty! He has 3 legs, and is a loving, SPEEEEDY cat!