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📰 MH A Message From Director Suzuki – Bonus Update Details & New Decoration

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Hey Hunters,

How’re you getting on with Free Title Update 5 and Amatsu?

Talking of updates, we’re back today as Sunbreak’s Director Suzuki has revealed today that starting next week, he’ll be starting to share details of June’s Bonus Update!

But wait, there’s more! Director Suzuki has a new decoration reveal to tide us over in the meantime, and this one should certainly catch the attention of Hunters that like to bring some DOOT to the hunt…

Hey everyone! Starting next week, I will share some details about the Bonus Update. Please stay tuned! (Today's image features the new decoration, the Inspiration Jewel!)


- Suzuki, Sunbreak Director

Oh yes, starting next week you can expect some details to start flowing about Sunbreak’s Bonus Update over on the official Monster Hunter Twitter!

We’ll also share them here on Steam too, so you won’t miss out on what’s coming!

Looking to June

If you’re new to Monster Hunter Rise or Sunbreak after joining us in the recent sale (Welcome to the hunt!!), here’s what’s happened recently, as well as a tease at the Variant monster that awaits you…


That wraps up today’s post! Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

We’ll see you in the hunt!

- Monster Hunter Community Team

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