đź“° DinoFossilHunter Anniversary update reveal!

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Dear paleontologists!

We know you were waiting for it, and so were we! 🦖

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter v2.5

While the major update was announced in September for the first time, now we finally got it! With even more content and features than when we first informed you about it in the previous devlog.

Before you start, however, you need to know that we decided to put the first version of the major update on the public_testing branch. This way we want to give you a choice to play this update earlier while we can also collect feedback from you and refine the update before it will be available on the default branch.

Just in case we do recommend creating a backup copy of the save files you care about. Your save files are located in the path below, copy it to another folder and keep it in a safe place somewhere on your disk.

How to switch to the public_testing branch:
  1. Right-click on Dinosaur Fossil Hunter icon on Steam
  2. Properties
  3. Click "Betas" from the menu on the left
  4. From the drop-down list on the right, select public_testing

Without further delay, we can now show you what we've prepared for you - and we're so thrilled for it!


Take a look around!
You've noticed green or red areas on the map? Good for you, you did not get fooled nor is it a graphic error! Let's see what does it mean.
  • Green - there is a unique plant hiding somewhere here. Use your drone to take a picture of it. Congrats, you can now use it in your museum to decorate it as nobody else ever did!

  • Red - this is a sign for you to start breaking rocks around here and you'll possibly find dinosaur eggs! You can give them a special place on the exposition in the museum (or in your heart).

Everything the light touches...

We've undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of the game's lighting and weather systems. We have carefully reworked almost every location in the game to make it run faster and look prettier.

The overall performance improvement should be very noticeable compared to previous version. Additionally, we've introduced the awe-inspiring 3D Volumetric Clouds on the Ultra graphics settings to elevate your gaming experience.

There are also some new options in the settings, like the ability to control sharpness of the image or increase the scale of User Interface (the size of on-screen font), and by the way - you can now zoom the image while flying the drone and even change the color of your tablet!

2 new species, 3 new dig sites, 4 new skeletons!

If you are a thorough paleontologist you will also discover new dig sites on the previously unlocked locations. Keep digging and you may find new exciting skeletons to enrich your museum collection!

Next level interior design!

As for museum - you will now be able to select the look of exposition barriers from many different variants. We've also added lots of new texture variants for floors, walls and even the museum pillars! You can now also set the mood by selecting the background sounds for your exposition halls!

We've also added at least 7 new achievements! and fixed all the problematic ones.

Full Changelog v2.2 -> v2.5 is in the works!

Overall there are hundreds of little tweaks and improvements in almost every aspect of the game which should make your adventure more smooth and more enjoyable.

There are so many changes in total that we were unable to complete the full changelog just yet!

But don't worry, we'll try to provide it after the weekend. We will divide it into 3 lists:
  1. Changes related to performance optimization
  2. Bugfixes and modifications of mechanics
  3. Completely new features
We will post the full changelog as soon as it's ready.

Feeling excited yet? Well, we can't wait for you to play it too!

You can read more about this update in the previous devlog:

Warm regards,
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter team

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