📰 PrimalCarnage APRIL PATCH 2.9.54

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Today's patch marks the end of our special Easter Event, bringing a selection of various fixes and quality of life improvements to the game. Our major focus today though concerns:

Changes to Challenges

This update we have modified dozens of challenges and their requirements based on community feedback. Over 200 people responded to the challenge survey we ran a while ago, and we've taken on board some of the suggestions from that along with what we've been reading in the official Discord.

Lowering Frustration

Many challenges that were previously lower tier have been upgraded to either Silver or Gold because of various factors that can affect their difficulty, be it limited access to a certain class or mode or some requiring tricky timing.

On the other hand - some challenges have had the opposite. Several tasks have been downgraded to lower tiers since they do not require as much skill and can be accomplished without strict conditions.

Specific requirements for a handful of particularly annoying challenges have been changed to be easier, such as killing a Pachy with an armour piercing headshot. Challenges for playing as Tyrants have lower requirements in general. We also removed the Cerato challenge for defending GTTC control points, because there is another challenge that is basically identical and doesn't require a specific class.

Future Challenges

Hopefully things feel fairer with this update, but we will be monitoring feedback in the next few weeks to see how these adjustments play out and will make additional tweaks if needed.

There are just over 60 challenges currently active in the game, and we'd love to add some more this year. Please let us know over on our Challenge Suggestions channel if you have any ideas!

Retro Store Rotation

In the lead up to Summer Meltdown we'll be cycling through some classic cosmetic collections in-store, featuring different classes each week. The first of these is Tyrant Week starting today...


We've also recently made a bunch of skin bundles available permanently in-store, along with many older items that will now be sticking around in the Browse section.

Note that as of a few updates ago, the most recent cosmetics are shown first on the store instead of the oldest. We're looking into adding a couple more store features in future such as more advanced filtering and potentially a Search function, but that's a little while off.

Version 2.9.54
Full Changelog:

  • Changed requirements and rarities for many challenges based on community feedback

  • Non-Tyrant dinosaurs now spawn with only a 50% roar cooldown
  • Expanded roar popup notification with Roar Ready message when cooldown is over

  • Set a longer air ram attack cooldown for Tupa
  • Fixed a missing bone in the Tupa strongpoint list, Tupa's head should now be entirely armoured
  • Added variation to Flyer idle glide animations
  • Added alternate flight camera style option
    (enable this to stop flyer moving in direction of camera while gliding)

  • Modified spit and other particle trail effects
  • Fixed trails ending early for some particles
  • Fixed some projectiles getting "stuck" in midair
  • Possible fix for spit blinding effect getting stuck onscreen

  • Reduced recoil and spread of double barrel shotgun (single shot mode)
  • Adjusted reload end times for all guns, no longer need to wait for entire animation to complete
  • The "unstuck bump" now only triggers every 3 seconds when stuck instead of over and over again

  • Big update to master human shader and pretty much all human skins, optimizing texture usage

  • Fixed name and description tags not showing anything to use them on if selected from the Tools tab in the inventory

  • Fixed missing ponytail on Monarch Scientist skin
  • Fixed incorrect texture used for Cerato swirl spray
  • Updated Pachy slide attack kill icon

  • Disabled double EXP in CTE mode post-easter

New & Upcoming Official Merch
The official Primal Carnage Store has a new poster just added, featuring the Royal Acrocanthosaurus!


This is another in our ongoing dinosaur portrait series, talented artist Aram Papazian is already working on the Classic Acro poster which is up next, followed by portraits for the remaining classes this summer.


Other recently added items feature designs from our community contests, such as new mugs, shirts, stickers and pins. Feeling creative? Post your own merch ideas and art for consideration over here!


Onwards to Summer

We hope you enjoy this latest update! Outside of the game itself, there will be more community contests throughout the year. You can get involved by joining our official Discord...


Our annual Meltdown Event arrives at the end of June, with an epic collection of seriously hot new looks! We're still cooking the 3.0 overhaul and will be running an open beta for it this summer. Stay tuned...

Thanks for playing!
-The Primal Carnage Team

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