Birds as pets?

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Baby Dino
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Jul 9, 2023
I always remember growing up, my dad had a cockatiel that we called Mickey and we also had a budgie that we called Billy which was mine and my brothers pet.

Since leaving home and having my own family, I have not ever had a bird as a pet myself but I have been debating on getting either a budgie or a cockatiel as a pet.

Do you have any birds as pets? Which kind if you do?


I don't have any as a pet, but I've always wanted to have a variety of exotic pets, like a bird, a reptile (had a Leopard Gecko in the past, sold him to someone who had a bunch of other reptiles for better care), and a cat all at once. But unfortunately, my apartment has a "one pet" rule. I can't have any other pets unless its like a licensed service dog or something.