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Dear Paleontologists!

Given the fact that no major issues were reported to us during your testing of the 2.5.11 version on the public_testing branch, and the tests of our QA team were successful, we're happy to announce that we're ready to move the patch to the default branch! ✅ 🦖

v2.5.11 (public_testing) -> v.2.5.11 (default)

⬇️ If you missed the previous devlog with complete changelog, you're welcomed to read it below ⬇️

We're still watching our social media and community channels, and waiting for your feedback 💭 - feel free to share your opinion, ideas for future works and bug reports as it helps us develop Dinosaur Fossil Hunter for you.

All links can be found below. We're creating it together! 🙌

🐟Walking into the aquarium is like exploring a different world.🐟

We prepared more news for you! Our friends from FreeMind release today Aquarist - a relaxing sandbox casual simulation game where you create and manage a home for amazing fish🐟, sea turtles🐢, sharks🦈, octopuses🐙, and more🐬

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Watch the launch trailer and create your amazing aquarium❗📺


To 🎉 celebrate with them, we have a bundle to give you a chance to buy it cheaper.


Enjoy and let your friends know about it too!

And that's finally all for today! Have a ☀️ beautiful day or evening and see you later in the next devlogs!

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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter team

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