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🦖 Eden Isle 🦕 Check Out Eden Isle, a super friendly The Isle community!

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Spino, Styraco, Cerato
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ARK, Monster Hunter, POT
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Jurassic Park, HTTYD
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Jurassic Park
I've been a part of Eden Isle for 5 or 6 or so years now. They are such a friendly community, and also run a Chill server, but theirs is more PG13 vs our PG nature.

Before Evrima even existed, they used to average 50-60 people on their server. But now they are lucky to get more than a couple or so except during events. That's very sad. I want to give them a shoutout as a super friendly community, if you enjoy The Isle (Legacy). You should definitely check their Isle server out (and their Path of Titans server which has linked dinos with our own Mesozoic Haven Chill server! Play same dinos on both servers!)

I even wrote a blog post about them! Enjoy the read. :D
Eden Isle – Super Friendly Isle Community

Eden Isle – Super Friendly Isle Community

Where do I start? I first found Eden Isle shortly after I bought The Isle. I loved the original version of the game, and Eden Isle was such a super friendly, chill community, and that fit in my playstyle & streams perfectly. They used to average 60ish people (this was way before Evrima was...

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