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Jun 25, 2023
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The "Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Special Program" was held on March 12th featuring various guests to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series! Check it out here if you missed it!

Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Website

The "Capcom Highlights" digital event was held on the same day! During the event, there was an announcement related to the first Monster Hunter RPG, Monster Hunter Stories!
Check it out here!

Note: Please note that this program features some age-restricted titles.

The Steam version of Monster Hunter Stories launches on June 14, 2024!

Become a Monster Rider who raises monsters and forges lifelong bonds with them in this epic adventure set in a vast, vibrant world.
Befriend monsters to transform them into your Monsties! Transfer genes between monsters to raise Monsties with their own unique attributes and skills! Utilize your Monstie's Riding Actions out in the field to discover everything the locales have to offer!
Guess your opponent's attack patterns and experience the excitement of mainline Monster Hunter titles while engaging in thrilling, turn-based battles with monsters.
In addition to featuring Japanese and English voice overs, this remastered version also includes a "Museum" mode where you can view concept art and listen to the game's music!

As a pre-order bonus, you will receive Navirou's "King" and "Queen" Outfits.
Digital pre-orders will be available soon!
For more details, please visit the official website!

Pre-order Bonus
- Navirou Outfits: "King" and "Queen"

Note: This pre-order bonus may be made available at a later date.
Note: Navirou's Outfits are purely cosmetic and only change his appearance.

We are now holding the Capcom Publisher Sale!
Get a great deal on Monster Hunter titles!
During this sale, we are offering two types of "Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Pack." Visit the official sale page for more details.

Note: These two types of "Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Pack" may be sold again at a later date.

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