Community Crunch 405: An Update on Premium Mods, Eggcellent Rates, and More!

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Console players, get ready to level up your modding game. Premium mods are finally landing on Xbox and PlayStation at the end of April! Modding has always been a huge part of what makes ARK so awesome, and that community creativity has kept the game fresh for years. Between new worlds like Svartalfheim Premium and new creatures like Additions Ascended: Anomalocaris, there is plenty of amazing content to dive into. Keep your eyes peeled for more details on the rollout! Although the Dear Jane event for ARK: The Animated Series just wrapped up on Official Servers, the international release for ARK: The Animated Series is just around the corner on April the 19th! Follow 21st century paleontologist Helena Walker as she finds herself resurrected on a mysterious primeval island populated by prehistoric beasts. Watch on Paramount+! Download & play new custom content created by players, including new maps, creatures, items, and game modes, through a dedicated new Mod-bowser directly within the game. Enjoy an endless stream of new ARK content as the creativity and talent of the community is fully unleashed for the first time across gaming platforms and stay tuned as we spotlight more Cross-Platform Mods each week! This video features: Additional Munitions by Snappin Colossoscorpius by GryphePadar Big Tents by Yahoiboi ARK Nucleus by Sam_KO_ARK Scorched Diamantinasaurus by Nickbs2 Scorched Eocarcharia by Tristans_Modding Scorched Monolophosaurus by Schmitto Scorched Meraxes by BigAl_Swagbob This week, the Official Network will be receiving eggcellent rates! It will be active until Monday, April 15th. PVP/PVE: 3x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience, and Breeding Small Tribes: 5.5x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience + 5x Breeding ARKpocalypse: 6x Harvesting, Taming and Experience, and Breeding Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form Help us discover your talent by tagging your art with #ARKPhotoMode or #ARKFanart on social media! Creator: NeebsGaming The adventure begins as the Neebs Crew experiences their first day in ARK: Survival Ascended! Creator: Crabbytron Crabbytron demonstrates the Direwolf's ability to sniff out Rock Gollums and Purlovia's that are hidden on the map. Deiononychus dossier by hobohoneydew Ferox sketches by suspicious.synapsid Ichty by Umbra-Daiwrfol Gladiatrix was my favorite by gman2006 Reaper by cyber_cat45 Ark by Kattona Ark Mosasaurus by GrayshadowArt Fisherman's friend by m130 Photo Mode by swolfix Wetwood Town now has it's very own Train Station Yeehaw!! by @AaronLongstaff1 Photo Mode by fresgh Matching hat by @ff14_Crown_A Enjoy your weekend! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube: Facebook: Threads: Official Wiki:

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