Community Crunch 408: Introducing Ceratosaurus from ARK: Additions

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We're thrilled to announce that we'll be bringing a taste of the popular Garuga123 mod ARK: Additions directly into the base game. These creatures may see some tweaks along the way for balance and design, but one thing's for sure: they are coming, and they are ready to shake things up! Get ready to encounter new formidable creatures from Garuga, starting with the vicious Ceratosaurus. Prepare to have your skills put to the test, because these beasts won't go down without a fight! Download in full resolution Lurking in the untamed jungles and sprawling grasslands, the Ceratosaurus is an aggressive predator adorned with venom-laced spines. Their attacks cause victims to erupt in bursts of blood, a sight for sore eyes (or a tactical advantage for a clever Survivor!). If you can harness this power, tamed Ceratosaurus will unleash healing bursts that revitalize themselves and your fellow carnivores. These swift creatures make for some of the fastest mounts you'll find. This is just the first of Garuga's fearsome creatures from ARK: Additions that we plan to introduce to ARK: Survival Ascended. We expect to launch this new creature by mid-May so get ready, sharpen those spears, and prepare to conquer this fantastic beast! Next week, we will be revealing the second creature that will be released simultaneously with Ceratosaurus! Keep up with the development on ARK:Additions in Garuga's Discord! As we draw closer to the release of Premium Mods on console (currently going through cert), we have some updates based on feedback we've received from the community regarding how Unofficial Servers that used Premium Mods felt like they were too restrictive. This was definitely not the intention of the system and with our partners, Overwolf, we aim to resolve this as soon as we can. So here's the plan: This summer we're going to give UGC Creators the capability to remove the server-join restrictions on their Premium Mods. Essentially, we're giving them the ability to create an "Unrestricted Premium Mod". What this means is that, they'll be able to create a new type of paid mod, which can be hosted on a server that does not prevent you from joining it if you do not own the mod. Instead, Creators can determine how they want to control access to the content of the mod. For example, if there's an Unrestricted Premium Mod that adds a new set of weapons, the creator can prevent people from specifically crafting or using the weapons, or other gameplay aspects rather than preventing people from joining servers hosting it, as it currently does. Additionally, this system will also allow Creators to make some aspects of their mod disregard ownership so even if you do not own the mod, you can still get some of the gameplay changes. We believe this flexibility will allow both Creators to balance out the features in the mod, as well as ensure that they can be hosted on Unofficial Servers without preventing restriction. A huge thank you to the ARK community, your feedback is invaluable as we shape the future landscape for modding! Download & play new custom content created by players, including new maps, creatures, items, and game modes, through a dedicated new Mod-bowser directly within the game. Enjoy an endless stream of new ARK content as the creativity and talent of the community is fully unleashed for the first time across gaming platforms and stay tuned as we spotlight more Cross-Platform Mods each week! This video features: ****insonia by Xyphias Atlas Creatures: Big cats by Myrmecoleontidae Atlas Creatures: Felis by Myrmecoleontidae Better Kaprosuchus by ZCI5250 Amissa Structures by Sicco0803 Alien Drone by Survive Deimos This weekend, the Official Network will be receiving bonus rates! It will be active until Monday, May 6. PVP/PVE: 2x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience, and Breeding Small Tribes: 4.5x Harvesting, Taming, and Experience + 4x Breeding ARKpocalypse: 5x Harvesting, Taming and Experience, and Breeding Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form Help us discover your talent by tagging your art with #ARKPhotoMode or #ARKFanart on social media! Creator: The Handyman builds Learn how to construct The Handyman's hatchery that is both efficient and stylish! Creator: Crazy of the game *international corner* This French film takes place over the entire history of Scorched Earth with the characters, Helena, Rockwell, Raia and John. (with English subtitles!) Part 6 of Drawing Every Dino Dossier by cascadingcaramel Unka bob by gman2006 Fire Wyvern by strandedandstoopid Really proud of these last couple drawings of Scorched Earth! by @CharliSpirit Locke and his family thriving in the years after the story by @TekARK_01 Mei, Xiao, and Shi running through the Luminous Marshlands! by @ewo_zaur Deathworm by SirDrip Photo Mode by toastaleenix Ridin' off into the sunset by donnsensei Photo Mode by lordarkanum Scorched Acro by dragonheart7998 ARK Foosball by @GPxGP Enjoy your weekend! Studio Wildcard Twitter: Discord: Reddit: Instagram: Twitch: Steam: Youtube: Facebook: Threads: Official Wiki:

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