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Dear Paleontologists!

How is the major update exploration going? Take a break for a while, because today we're coming to you with a promised complete changelog with all bugfixes, improvements and implemented features!

We're sorry for the delay, but as you can see the changelog is massive and we needed to take care of it properly to make sure you'll get a fully retouched list.

Without any further explanations - the changelog can be found below!

Changelog v2.2 -> v2.5 major update (public_testing)

New content
  • added new dinosaur - corythosaurus
  • added new reptile with flying museum poses - pteranodon
  • added new mechanic for searching plants and eggs
  • added new collectible display decorations - 7 plants and 5 fossils
  • added Ukrainian language
  • added 7 new achievements
  • added easter egg in the player's museum
  • added cosmic easter egg to Dinosaur Canyon location
  • added help panel for new collectible exposition decorations (fossils and plants)
  • added new dinosaurs to be available in the sandbox mode
  • added ability to zoom while flying the drone
  • added ability to change the exhibition display railings
  • added ability to change material on pillars in exhibition halls
  • added new materials for flooring, walls and exposition display flooring - 10 for each category
  • added slider for sharpening camera view in the graphic settings of the game
  • added slider for changing the scale of screen UI interface text in game options
  • added ability to select one of the 15 nature ambient sounds, for each museum hall separately
  • added option to enter the display editing panel by interacting with the exposition railing
  • added ability to turn car's lights on/off
  • added floor material change to black with grid while resizing exposition
  • added the "Decorator" achievement to be obtainable by all museums
  • added automatic bones lifting for assembling while playing with gamepads
  • added autoplay to help panels
  • added an auto reset counter to the car. After 3 resets it moves the car to the road
  • added a dialogue box asking about overwriting the game save
  • added ability to change the color of the tablet
  • added 3D volumetric clouds with layers for ultra and very high settings
  • added highlight to icons of the active elements of museum customization category, like sounds, materials etc.
  • added ability to exit the help panel and prestige roadmap using ESC
  • added missing information about some controls shortcuts
  • added automatic turning on/off of lights on bone cleaning stations
  • added automatic door to the room where we clean the bones
  • added notification about not being able to use drone while standing in river
  • added translations of names and descriptions of achievements on Steam
  • [Designer DLC] added ready-to-use skins for the dinosaur figures in the DLC (except for the corythosaurus and pteranodon)
  • [Designer DLC] added prefabs for newly added species
Optimizations & polish
  • "preparing bones" action time before cleaning reduced to 0
  • general weather improvements on Quarry scenes, scene with bus, Dinosaur Canyon and Grizzlies East Mountain
  • improved all museum scenes for optimization and better visual quality
  • improved some rocks materials
  • improved pump pipe physics
  • improved cable physics, placement and light strength of the excavation lamp
  • improved brush usage with controller
  • improved camera control in the car
  • improved movement animation of picking up finds
  • improvements to the functionality of "locate" button in tablet
  • improved lector illustrations loading time
  • improved forklift collision system to avoid blocking
  • improved tablet notifications tab
  • improved readability of knowledge base entries on a tablet
  • improved jumping
  • improved drone usage and added signal range warning
  • optimized texture storage for Designer DLC
  • increased weight of stones
  • implemented various cars improvements and optimisations
  • adjusted mouse scroll sensitivity in the window with the content of the e-mail
  • reworked level of details of museum plants and dinosaur poses
  • reworked empty crate storage system
  • reworked birds visibility for optimization
  • reworked environment stones to improve optimization
  • reworked all dinosaurs poses for optimization
  • reworked museum decorations for optimization
  • rebalanced exp system
  • retouched museums interiors design - materials, lights etc.
  • changed drone FOV and added zoom option
  • disabled volumetric light where there is no fog on map
  • optimized elements responsible for RAM usage
  • optimized cloud buffer to relieve RAM usage
  • optimized game data storage
  • optimized tent colliders
  • optimized icon performances on the compass
  • optimized digging process
  • optimized vegetation at all scenes
  • optimized stones rendering on mines
  • optimized main menu scene
  • optimized game physics settings to improve performance
  • optimized canister mesh
  • disabled painting room when not in use for optimization
  • disabled outline camera when not used for optimization
  • speeded up a process of refueling the car
  • sized up tooltips
  • fixed all known bugs with achievements
  • fixed problem with cursor after last game update
  • fixed various tablet bugs
  • fixed game crashing after doubleclick at loading button
  • fixed various performance and graphical issues in Dinosaur Canyon
  • fixed issues with loading/unloading crates onto a forklift
  • fixed rock sound issue
  • fixed player sliding on a slope
  • fixed issue with fog not appearing
  • fixed bugged stone outline
  • fixed cleaning brush offset
  • fixed terrain issues in Grizzlies East Mountain
  • fixed overlapping paintings in the museum
  • fixed bugged camera movement on the exposition display
  • fixed scale of some wall and exposition display materials
  • fixed Gorgosaurus poses position above ground
  • fixed various issues with bone cleaning stations
  • fixed issue with closing door at second garage scene
  • fixed bug with no xp points for transporting fossils
  • fixed pump raft froze after fuel runs out
  • fixed various issues with expedition summary UI
  • fixed white margins at 3840 x 1080 resolution at the main menu scene
  • fixed issue with being unable to hide pump handle when being close to objects
  • fixed bones hanging in the air after extracting them from the rock
  • fixed green car's hit sound playing too often
  • fixed receiving double points by putting objects in both exhibition rooms
  • fixed blank cover for the autosave when sending crates
  • fixed wrong position of geiger counter on tool customization station
  • fixed medium crates not appearing before being sent to the museum
  • fixed issues blocking the placement of images on walls
  • fixed issue with not saving dinosaur's head on the drawing
  • fixed the rotation of the truck's fuel filler flap
  • fixed incorrect LMB key behavior
  • fixed issue with fossil inventory not refreshing when adding bone sets
  • added missing translations in dinosaur skin customization menu
  • added missing description to the prestige roadmap
  • added missing notification after delivering crates to the museum by drone
  • fixed radial menu not closing after exiting game menu
  • fixed issue with softlocking tablet
  • removed incorrect message about unloading empty crates when we have only crates with fossils on the truck
  • [PL, PT] added translation to the "museum workshop" board
  • [DE] missing letter in the expedition summary panel
  • and much more!
Changed path for saving screenshots from the drone to:
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\PyramidGames\Dinosaur Fossil Hunter\Screenshots


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If you reached this point of the devlog - thank you for your time and see you soon!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter team

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