Favorite gaming console?

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Apr 25, 2024
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With the release of updated gaming consoles, do you have a favorite either past or present? I don't particularly have a favorite because they all have great properties for their gameplay but I do remember loving my PlayStation 2 because that was the first gaming console that I had for myself. I played it until I couldn't anymore and unsure if anyone would remember but you could also play DVDs on there, as well. What a time to be alive back then.

I am curious about others if you had a favorite gaming console or not.


I haven't really tried other consoles, but I would have to say Nintendo, based on my limited experience. Well, I haven't gotten into other consoles that much cause Nintendo has Mario and Donkey Kong, so I don't want to drift away from that unless I got extra cash.
I think my all-time favorite gaming console had to be the PS2, I have so many fond memories of the games that I used to play on it. And I still think that it was one of the greatest gaming consoles ever made.